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article imageRahm Emanuel jumps into the gun control debate fray

By Can Tran     Jan 15, 2013 in Politics
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, speaking at Center for American Progress, joined the gun debate fray. He is pushing for universal background checks on those that want to buy firearms.
Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, Il, the former White House Chief of Staff to Democratic incumbent US President Barack Obama, has stepped into the growing and divisive talks about gun control. The talks of gun control were reignited due to the circumstances of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012. While this is the second deadliest shooting in US history, most of the victims were children. Emanuel was one of the panelists at a discussion at the Center for American Progress today.
In a Politico article, Emanuel's changing the debate and targeting criminals instead of the law-abiding gun owners. He wants the conservation to the criminals who get their hands on such weapons. At the discussion, Emanuel talked about how there are sportsmen with firearms; but, those people have no interest in owning weapons such as in getting weapons such as Uzis, AK-47s, and so forth. He called forth universal background checks for people that want to buy a firearm. Emanuel's pushing for more background checks.
In calling forth national legislation to regulate the checks, Emanuel talked about how gun laws differ from state to state. He made comparisons between the gun laws of Illinois and Indiana. Why did Emanuel single out Indiana? Emanuel explains there are a lot of guns purchased in Indiana; but, they end up being found in Chicago, Illinois.
Chicago Tribune reports that Emanuel is asking all pension and retirement fund managers to check their portfolios. He wants to make see if there were investments being made to companies that manufacture assault weapons. Like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Emanuel is leading his own initiative. Emanuel wants to make sure such funds aren't being used to invest in such companies and wants to lead a movement to urge mayors of other cities to not make such investments.
That's the only thing Emanuel said. He also had words towards President Obama. On the gun control issue, Emanuel said to Obama to “not leave your friends hanging.”
So far, there are new poll results that seem to be in favor of what Emanuel is advocating. According to results conducted by the Pew Research Center, there is a large support for required background checks. 85% of Republicans, 85% of Democrats, and 87% of Independents support the measure. Politico reports that it's almost as broad as supporting legislation to make sure those with mental illnesses are unable to access let alone own weapons.
But, that's only one facet of the gun control vs. gun rights debate. Another Politico article reports of results from a recent Gallup survey. According to the Gallup poll, 38% believe that current gun laws need to be strengthened. It is reported that 38% is made up of 18% of Republicans, 64% of Democrats, and 31% of Independents. At the same time, 43% are satisfied with the current gun laws.
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