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article imageInside Miss Cakehead's evil cakes Special

By Eileen Kersey     Jan 14, 2013 in Food
The Great British Bake-Off, on UK television, rekindled viewers passion for baking. Rather than just ordinary tasting cakes, veritable cake creations were made. Some in the UK, such as Miss Cakehead, had already taken that a step further.
Interviewing Sarah Hardy Cakes, about a 'raw turkey cake', my appetite was whetted for more information. The evil Miss Cakehead sounded an interesting character. She has a weird and wonderful blog online, but who is Miss Cakehead?
Miss Cakehead is the freelance, creative director of the 'Eat Your Heart Out' edible art movement, and more. She has appeared in articles around the world and featured in the Huffington Post, on more than one occasion, yet she was unknown to me. That is due to change though as Miss Cakehead has agreed to be interviewed.
Welcome Miss Cakehead.
So, just who is Miss cakehead?
Miss Cakehead is the alter ego of freelance creative director Emma Thomas - hidden behind when pushing the limits of creativity with cake. Unable to bake she is a cake curator who brings together teams of amazing food artists on a variety of different projects!
How long have you been doing this
My first high profile event was Cake Britain, for Tate & Lyle in 2010. Previously to that I was a leading blogger and trend hunter using that name.
What events are you currently working on
I am working on the most extreme event yet, which is this Friday. We are creating edible elements of The Helpers, to 'celebrate' it's release on DVD.
I am also working on a pop up for Valentines day which will be selling a range of anatomical heart cakes and other gifts. My friend Emily Evans is a medical artist and curating the non-edible parts of this.
What sort of creations will be at these events
Edible art?
Edible art?
Miss Cakehead
Edible art?
Edible art?
Miss Cakehead
Edible art?
Edible art?
Miss Cakehead
The Helpers is extreme... Screaming Screaming Head
Blood splatter macaroons
Edible TV (edible screen and trifle inside)
Cigarette ashtrays
Gingerbread car battery
Cookie pizza
Chinese takeaway boxes
Coffee Cupcakes
Cookie remote control
Vomit Cupcakes
Chocolate gun painted
Chocolate axe painted
Chocolate knife painted
Blood jelly prints
Blood pools
Edible Bedside Table
Chocolate hands
Torso cakes
Buckets of jelly
Edible Wire
Bath Tub Cocktail
Soft Drinks / Water / Juice
Branded Torso Cake
Laceration acid cupcakes
Where is Friday's event being held and can people just turn up?.
It is a free but a ticketed event and all sold out. A few more tickets will be released via The Helpers Movie UK Facebook page
Additional information.
The Helpers pop-up experience will be open to press on the 17th January 2013, 18:00–23:00.
Please RSVP to and for guest list. Miss Cakehead asked if we would be attending, but sadly we are unable to attend as we are located in Yorkshire.
If people are interested in future events, do you have a mailing list?
No all they need to do is 'like' Miss Cakehead on Facebook or follow @miss_cakehead on Twitter.
Are wild and wicked cakes gaining in popularity in the UK?.
Totally - people were never going to stop loving the taste of cake but, like anything pretty, flowers and frosting can be dull to look at after a while. Plus of course these cakes work for men just as well!
You have been featured in the Huffington Post, so is your fame spreading world-wide.
Indeed,*blushes*. We're pretty well known all around the globe now, especially in the US where we have been on lots of TV shows.
Miss Cakehead kindly emailed the press release for The Helper's event and images to use in this report. The release begins,
Potent, bloody-looking cocktails in bath tubs,edible car batteries created from gingerbread, cakes baked within old televisions, chocolate weapons, desserts cooked using electrocution, edible rope, screaming chocolate heads, tortured arm cakes with acid wounds, cocktails inspired by vomit and chewy ‘wire’ are just some of the horrific yet tasty treats lined up for you in this The Helpers-inspired film set pop-up experience, which offers free cocktails and cake on the 18th January 2013. The catch? You’ll have to be able to stomach it first!
Koch Media, in conjunction with Miss Cakehead, will help put you out of your misery this January with a horror filled multi-sensory edible experience set in a specially created motel room at the Original Content London base in East London. The installation is celebrating the release of horror film The Helpers on DVD, available from 21st January 2013 on Amazon and other retailers. The film set pop-up features innovative and repulsive edible marvels, the likes of which have never been dared before. The question is who will be able to face them? Naturally all of the sensory edible experiences on offer will be associated with the film, bringing a heightened level of experience to those who are brave enough to watch The Helpers when it is unleashed on DVD.
And do I wish I was able to visit? Absolutely!
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