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article imageViral Video: Maymo the lemon beagle in 'puppy vs. orange'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 13, 2013 in Internet
Maymo the lemon beagle has gone viral online once again. A video of the adorable beagle in battle with an orange uploaded to YouTube on January 9, has gone massively viral with almost 1 million views in less than four days.
The latest video is sequel to "lemon beagle vs lemon" and "dog loves toy mouse," both of which received about 1 million views on YouTube. This time, Maymo delights thousands of his fans with his "skul-doggery" antics as he confronts an orange in mortal combat.
Watch Maymo set about the task of eating the orange. He probably overestimated the palatability of the citrus fruit from the meaty appearance of its peel. Anyone who has tried eating an orange peel can tell how unpleasant it tastes and how the fluid that squirts from it irritates the eyes.
But Maymo is quick to learn and soon realizes that in spite of the invitingly meaty-looking appearance of the odd-half-ball, it is not an item suited to the dietary tastes of a canine. But rather than give up, Maymo appears to have adopted the characteristic canine method of harassing the opponent to submission.
But as we shall see, yet again, he underestimates the tenacity of the foe.
The pooch tries to get his jaws around the orange but it proves slippery and rolls off the table to the floor and under a shelf. He scrambles to fetch the orange before it rolls irretrievably under the piece of furniture and succeeds.
But his ordeal with the alien meatball isn't over yet. He paws the mysterious object and runs after it as it rolls around. The opponent now goes on the offensive as the dog retreats. The ball of meat is unlike any other he's ever encountered.
After repeated failures at capturing the enemy, he appears fagged out, but he sallies forth, yet again, in a renewed effort to conquer, but again, he is repelled by the strange defensive weapons of the enemy.
Surely, not even a lively pooch can endure the frustration of repeated failure endlessly.
His expression at the end of the battle tells the story of utter defeat as he wears the orange on his head like a dunce's cap.
And this is not Maymo's first battle encounter with a member of the citrus family. In 2011 he was defeated by a lemon, an even more obnoxious cousin of his latest foe (see the YouTube video, "Lemon beagle vs Lemon" above).
But being an intrepid, though not-so-successful warrior, he also fought and lost the battle to a wind-up mouse (see video "dog loves mouse" above).
"Lemon beagle vs. orange" was uploaded to YouTube by user crackrockcandy
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