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article imageWatch 'puppy teaching puppy to go downstairs'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 12, 2013 in Internet
Daisy, an 8-week-old puppy, belonging to Canadian Tim Doucette, was not afraid to run upstairs, but she was too scared to run downstairs. Simon, an older, more experienced 6-month-old "puppy," shows her the ropes.
The video shows Simon giving a helping hand, running up and down the stairs, dutifully and patiently demonstrating how it is done to the young dog.
He waits patiently until Daisy summons up courage to take the first step and descend down the stairs.
Doucette writes: "Our 6 month old lab mix rescue pup taught our 8 week old foster pup from Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue in Winnipeg to go down the stairs once she got up and couldn't get down!"
The video posted under the the username Tim Doucette, has received over 300,000 views, and appears to have touched many hearts online judging from the unusually high ratio of "thumbs up" (over 4,000) to "thumbs down" (35).
YouTube users comment sentimentally ("animals so cute, human savage"):
Vordeo: I seriously wonder why anyone would dislike this
Dave Malon: That was sweet. Videos showing the cariing nature of animals always take my mind off savagery of mankind!
Vivienne Sambrook: Fantastic video. If only were more like animals
Karlo Grgurev: I cry every time
Jacobitelove: omg, this is sooo adorable!!!
Viewers on Daily Mail post comments expressing similar sentiments:
-This is the cutest video ever! Love it! Totally made my working Saturday 100 times betetr!
-And this is why I love dogs more than humans. They're just so innocent compared to the latter.
-So cute, gorgeous dogs.
-Heyyyyyyy....made my day....:)
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