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article imageVideo: Animal lover releases mouse to wild, hawk snatches mouse

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 11, 2013 in Environment
The video shows an animal lover carefully releasing a mouse he had captured back to "freedom" in the wild rather than kill it. But nature plays a nasty prank on him. Within seconds of releasing the mouse, a hawk swoops down and snatches it up for dinner.
The incident was captured on camera by a friend of the kindhearted gentleman.
The video shows the man taking the mouse to a park in a plastic bin and releasing it back to the "wild" as a gesture of kindness.
He reaches into the plastic bin and gently urges the animal out to the open. The mouse might have anticipated its doom for it appears unwilling to venture out of the bin into the open.
But the man forces the animal out by tilting the bin, gently. The mouse slides out and the kindhearted man says "Come on Whiskers you are free! Good luck."
We watch as the ill-fated animal moves into the open and runs across leaves.
The man behind the camera asks the animal-lover how he feels. He says: "I feel relieved that he is not going to wake me up in my bed anymore," and adds with a touch of sentimentality, "I feel kinda sad - I just got to know him."
The guy's comment suggests that the mouse might have been a regular visitor to his hostel bunk.
But watch as a villain hawk swoops down over the poor mouse, grips it in its talons and flies off.
The Blaze comments that the mouse hardly made it more than a 100 yards before it was snatched up by the hawk.
The footage was posted to Reddit with the caption: "guy at my school attempting to release a mouse into the wild."
As the hawk flies off with its dinner, the man turns round and realizes what had happened. He exclaims in shock, "Oh no!"
His friend begins to laugh at nature's dirty trick.
"No! No, are you kidding me?! He didn't last five minutes! 'I'm a terrible person. Oh my gosh lets get out of here."
The Daily Mail reports it is not certain where the video was filmed, but The Sun suggests it was shot in New York.
The man is dressed in military fatigues. The Blaze comments that it suggests he might attend a military academy. The Sun, however, says he is probably an army private.
The video was posted to YouTube by user Marcel Tasch, and has received over 80,000 views.
The Blaze observes that the video could have been faked using computer graphics imagery like a recent viral video Digital Journal reports faked the appearance of an eagle swooping down and picking up a child.
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