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article imageOp-Ed: School shootings demand more than just gun law reform

By Thom W. Conroy     Jan 11, 2013 in Politics
Gun reform alone will not curb the tide of recent school violence - it's time for common sense to prevail in solving a national disgrace.
The most recent episode of senseless school violence involving firearms has once again been spun, twisted and contorted for political gain by factions on both sides of the gun law reform issue, with the real causative factors again relegated to the periphery. The current administration seeks changes in the way firearms are obtained and in what portion of the citizenry has a legal right to possess specific weapons and ammunition, while gun right advocates invoke protections guaranteed under The Second Amendment of The Constitution. Both sides are adamant in their position and posture and are entitled to such, but when viewed as the definitive vehicle for resolution of an extraordinarily complex issue the knee-jerk reactions of either side behooves no one.
Historically, American are a gun-loving populace - our very way of life has been defended numerous times against foes both foreign and domestic with finger on trigger. As far as responsible gun owners go they are no more a threat to society at large than any other citizen regardless of the type and amount of weaponry and ammunition they legally possess. A firearm in and of itself is a threat to no one until an intent for it's misguided use is formulated and enacted, which in nearly every instance of school gun violence is initiated by an individual under the age of 30 with some form of mental illness present.
But still a large portion of society places blame on an inanimate object and gun owners as a group. While it is factual that a great many of the individuals that perpetrate murderous rampages did obtain their tools of death from those owning guns legally, these people are hardly what could be remotely considered as "responsible". gun owners. A responsible gun owner keeps their weapons and ammunition under lock and key at all times when not in their personal possession - they do not allow access of their weaponry to anyone but especially not to an immature and mentally confused offspring.
The cure for horrific incidents such as that at Sandy Hook Elementary School and others lies in our collective ability as a society to work together to ensure that public safety is addressed without legislative partisanship, in a cohesive manner that puts aside our political and individual biases. Issues of mental health reform and access, education concerning gun ownership, school security on a local basis and a considerable number of associated issues demand attention to rectify the most recent plague posing a threat to our peaceful existence and individual civil rights.
Until this occurs the words "We The People" at least in this instance, will remain to appear shallow and antiquated.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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