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article image2013 Top Ten Cities in the United States to live

By Nicole Byerly     Jan 11, 2013 in Lifestyle
Whether you are a new graduate, starting a family, or planning to retire, you may now be at a point in your life when you are trying to figure out where you want to live. Researchers are trying to make this easier for you to determine.
A recent study conducted by Top Ten Spot weighed several factors in various cities across the United States to determine where the best place is to live. Some factors used to make the determination include availability of jobs, home prices, income levels, and vicinity to families. Although various factors were taken into consideration, the majority of the study focused on economy and jobs, which seemed to be the prime focus of families across the United States.
On top of the list, in tenth place, is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This city is one of the few cities across that United States that has demonstrated a fairly steady job growth over the last year. This factor is most obvious in the economic conditions of the city and the number of renovations made throughout. Oklahoma City has focused a lot on rebuilding their downtown area, bringing new life to the city.
Seattle, Washington was voted into the ninth spot due to the high level of educated people. Over 50-percent of the citizens of Seattle are educated to a Bachelor degree level. Not only does the high level of education provide various opportunities for the residents, but there is also a steady growth in the economy and business opportunities. Although the city itself may seem like a very busy location, Seattle is also home to over 5500 acres of parks and other natural areas surrounding.
San Diego, California made the number eight position due to the fact that over 40-percent of the population holds a Bachelor's degree. The city also boosts a 13-percent poverty rate and a relatively low crime rate, which maintains the cities standing as a great social and economic home for most citizens. The city offers great weather year-round, and is not as crowded as some other large cities within the state of California.
Omaha, Nebraska, placed in the number seven spot, is known for being a traditional Midwest town with a modern flare, making it an ideal location for individuals of all age groups. Omaha is located along the Missouri River, which has benefited the city's economy greatly since 1854. The large number of Native Americans living in the city also establishes a wide variety of music festivals and events all year round.
Honolulu, Hawaii makes the number six spot, primarily based upon the healthy and relaxed lifestyle of the majority of its residents. The economy is based primarily on tourism and the fishing industry. Although property in Honolulu is very expensive, it is ideal for those looking for an extremely active lifestyle on this beautiful island.
Making a mid-place landing in the number five position is the city of Boise, Idaho. This city contains a little over 200,000 residents, with a growing population that has began exploding nearly twenty years ago. The variety of new businesses through the city has established a solid economic growth, providing an excellent option for new graduates looking for a business venture. This city is also ideally placed in the center of various outdoor parks and natural beauty, making it an enjoyable option for individuals and families to celebrate outdoors.
Augusta, Georgia makes it number four position debut due to the fantastic location along the Savannah River and a hint of southern hospitality at its best. The tranquil setting provides a relatively low cost of living, and very inexpensive homes. This area maintains a very low stress job market; however, the relatively low costs makes Augusta a great retirement location.
The popular city of Minneapolis, Minnesota makes its landing in the number three spot of Best American cities to live in. This city offers many incentives for families, boosting a low crime rate and providing various attractions for its residence. The city of Minneapolis is located on waterfront property, providing excellent opportunities for various outdoors activities such as jogging and biking along the 15 miles of trails throughout the city.
The number two spot is home to Austin, Texas. Mostly known for being the home of the University of Texas, Austin provides a vibrant cultural scene hosting various live music events across the city. Being a high tech location, the city offers various job opportunities to any new graduate. Austin is also known for its numerous parks and outdoor locations, as well as the high average income level of residents.
Coming in at the number one position is the city of Boulder, Colorado. This city is home to the University of Colorado. The historical background of the city is highlighted by its scenic location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, providing gorgeous views throughout the city. The lifestyle in Boulder is quite expensive; however, the city tops the annual family income average at around $92,000 per year, mostly driven by high tech sectors.
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