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article imageEx-wife uses stun gun on man, ties, drags him behind truck

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 11, 2013 in Crime
Police say that a Florida man's ex-wife used a stun gun on him, tied him to a truck and dragged him for half a mile. After the man escaped, he ran to a house for help, dressed in torn, blood-drenched underwear, with a rope tied around his neck and wrist.
According to the Valusia County Sheriff's Office, Robert Hall, 54, was taken into surgical intensive care unit on Thursday at the Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach. Medical authorities say he was being treated for a broken pelvis and broken facial bones. They also say he was bleeding in his brain.
Reuters reports that the bizarre incident took place in a rural part of New Smyrna Beach where Hall was staying in the home of his ex-wife, Jeanette Morris, 61, who works as a truck driver.
According to 13 News, the woman agreed to allow her husband to stay at her house in High Ridge Land and take care of her pets while she was away on trips. 13 News reports the ex-couple had drawn up a written agreement that the ex-husband could stay at his ex-wife's house until she is able to pay a debt of $1,300.
Morris, however, complained to deputies that her ex-husband was bringing his girlfriend to stay in her home while she was away. She made an arrangement to have a deputy accompany her home when she was back in town to avoid confrontation with her ex-husband.
When a deputy escorted her home late Tuesday, her ex-husband, Hall, was found alone in the house but he appeared drunk. Morris told the deputy that she would stay in her brother's home to avoid complications. But when the deputy left, Morris's brother Harold Anderson, 63, and a woman Joan Hobart, 46, stayed in the house and drank vodka with Hall.
According to the sheriff's report, at a point, the three attacked Hall, shocking him three times with a stun gun. They punched him in the face and put a gun to his head.
The victim told the deputies that they tied his hand behind his back and dragged him outside. They then tied a rope around his ankles and tied the end of the rope to the bumper of a pickup truck. The truck took off dragging Hall along a dirt road.
According to the victim, after some time, the truck stopped and he was tossed into the bed of the truck. His assailants attempted to scalp him. He said he overheard them saying they would need to find a hole to bury him. Hall managed to escape by leaping from the moving truck. He ran to a nearby house for help where the sheriff's office was called.
According to 13 News, when deputies found Morris, she denied the story, saying nothing had happened. But the deputies found that she had blood on her clothes and hand. She claimed the blood came while she attempted to break a fight between dogs.
Deputies also found and arrested Morris's brother Anderson, who was found to have a swollen right hand and knuckles. He also carried a gun and had a shovel in his vehicle.
According to deputies, Anderson did not appear remorseful when he was being questioned. 13 News reports Anderson, said "It wouldn't have bothered him if the victim had died and that the only thing that he regretted was not being there to see him dragged behind the truck."
Morris and Anderson were charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, false imprisonment, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. Both were taken to jail and held without bond.
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