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Study: Middle aged women more satisfied with their sex lives

By Eric Morales     Jan 10, 2013 in Health
Women on the 'wrong side of forty' claim they are more satisfied with their sex lives than their male partners, despite the fact that their lovers are bad in bed, and have libido problems.
A study from the British Association of Sexual Educators states that 75% of women in the United Kingdom are satisfied with their sex lives, however only 50% of men in the study said that they were also satisfied. The study also showed that 64% of the women claim their partners have issues with their libido.
The Daily Mail reported that the study looked at 1,000 heterosexual couples, either married or living together. The study interviewed couples between 59-years-old and 79-years-old.
Oddly enough the study showed that the older the men were, the happier they were with their sex lives. However the number of 70-year-old women happy with their sex lives dropped to a meager 7 percent. Women between 50-59 years-old were much more satisfied then their older counterparts.
Women in the study said they weren't too concerned with how much sex they were having, just as long as they were having sex when they wanted it.
Nearly 70% of the women in the study said their partners went long period of times with out any interest in having sex with them, or that the men in their lives had weak erections.
Experts in the United Kingdom are telling women now, according to the Daily Mail, not to take the lack of interests as a sign of the heat running out of their relationship, but rather that their men may be suffering from low testosterone. Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome or TDS is exhibited by low sex drive and poor erections. It also affects men between the ages of 40 and 79.
TDS is caused by diabetes and heart disease. A majority of the women in the study stated their male partners showed the signs of TDS, however very few of the men had heard of it.
The doctor overseeing the study also found that women were more likely to go to the doctor themselves, rather then their partners seeking help on their own.
Dr. David Edwards, a specialist in sexual dysfunction and president of the British Society for Sexual Medicine said: 'It is well known that women are much more likely than men to go to the doctor themselves and / or on behalf of their partners so the fact that so few do when their men are showing signs of TDS, is worrying. Women have a vital role in helping their men to confront embarrassing conditions which may have serious consequences if undiagnosed."
Edwards went on to say that with today's new advances in medicine there is hope of treating men who may have TDS and jump start things in the bedroom, so that everyone is happy.
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