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article imageVideo: Black teen punches woman who called him 'smelly Nigerian'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 10, 2013 in Lifestyle
London - The latest Tube rage video shows a black teen hitting out at a woman after she made a "racist" remark. The footage caught by a mobile phone and posted to YouTube was rather inappropriately entitled "Racist Woman on London Train Gets What She Deserves!"
The teenager, 19, who described himself as an "aspiring recording artist," apparently stepped on the woman's shoe. The incident led to angry comments from the woman, and escalated into name-calling during which she called the teenager a "smelly Nigerian," and the teenager called her a "smelly p**** b****."
At a point the teenager lunged at the woman, after accusing her of having hit him with a bottle. But fortunately other passengers intervened and dragged him away.
The fight ended when the Tube driver inquired what was happening over the intercom.
The Daily Mail reports that the black teenager is believed to be a Twitter user known as Cidz Carnage or @carnageofficial. He tweeted on Tuesday after the incident: "Oi some racist women was giving it to me today, then she hit me with a bottle then i f***ed her over dumb b****."
He grumbled: "Calling me a smelly African... Then having the audacity to hit me with a bottle," and added: "Remember Racism is Disgusting and Totally Unacceptable."
He later deleted the tweets.
The footage shows the woman, in her 20s, complaining that the youth had stepped on her shoes. She says: "I wouldn't f***ing touch you. You are f***ing s*** on my shoe." She adds that her boyfriend is black, probably to indicate she isn't racist in spite of her language. She said: "He respects me."
The teenager is heard, saying, "OK white princess, queen, Kate Middleton!"
Apparently, in response to a comment about her appearance, she says something about "smelly Nigerians" and "motherf*****s" stealing from her.
The teenager, with increasing irritation, says: "So first I pushed you, now I've tried to rob from you?" The teenager is heard calling her a "smelly p**** b****."
Then suddenly, he lunges at the woman, shouting, "You hit me on the head with a bottle... you racist b****... looking at you, you f***ing escort. There are witnesses. Everyone seen, everyone heard!"
The passengers intervened and pulled him away from her and voices are heard, saying, "Relax... let her go."
The youth gets up to leave, saying, "Don't you ever touch me, don't you dare touch me."
According to The Daily Mail, British Transport Police (BTP) believe the video was filmed on Tuesday and posted online the next day.
The Daily Mail reports a BTP spokesman, said: "There is an allegation of abusive behavior by the woman towards the man, but that doesn't justify a violent response. The man and woman pictured in the images are seen arguing with each other on the video and we’re keen to speak to both of them to get their version of events. We urge them or anyone who knows them, as well as passengers who were on the train at the time, to come forward so we can begin to build a full picture of what exactly took place."
The incident is believed to have taken place on a southbound Northern line service between Old Street and Moorgate.
According to the Daily Mail, the police have asked anyone with information to contact "British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference B7/LUA of 10/01/13. Alternatively contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."
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