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article imageOp-Ed: LED ice cubes made to prevent alcohol induced blackouts

By Angela Norwood     Jan 9, 2013 in Technology
After being hospitalized following heavy drinking at a party, student Dhairya Dand has created flashing, color-changing LED ice cubes designed to prevent alcohol induced blackouts.
On November 23, student Dhairya Dand landed in the hospital after blacking out due to excessive drinking at an MIT party.
To prevent this problem from happening again, Dand came up with a creative solution — LED ice cubes that are designed to measure the amount of alcohol consumed and warn the drinker when it's time to slow down.
After one drink is consumed, the flashing ice cubes change from green to yellow. After two drinks, the cubes turn from yellow to red — signalling it's time to slow or cease alcohol consumption. If the drinker decides to keep drinking, the transmitter inside the cube sends a signal to their cell phone to text for a designated driver.
The LED ice cubes are made from an edible gelatin material and contain a microcontroller, IR transceiver and coin cell battery inside.
Dand tested his invention at another party a few short weeks after his hospitalization — and they worked perfectly.
A product such as Dand's LED ice cubes could be an effective solution to curbing the problem of binge drinking.
Binge drinking is prevalent among young adults, with the CDC reporting the majority of binge drinkers range between 18 and 34 years of age. Approximately 80,000 deaths per year are attributed to excessive alcohol use.
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