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article imageDog shot in the face, tied in garbage bag & dumped alongside road

By Anne Sewell     Jan 7, 2013 in World
Conroe - Buck, named for the buckshot all over his face, was found in a garbage bag, tied to a fence on a quiet road in Conroe, West Dallas, fighting for his life.
A neighbor contacted Tami Augustyn (well known for dog rescues in the area), to say he had found the dog in a contractor's garbage bag, tied to a t-post alongside the road.
The neighbor had noticed that the bag appeared to be moving, and stopped to investigate. On ripping the bag open, a wounded dog fell out, covered in blood, and who managed to walk about two yards before collapsing on the ground.
After trying to call animal control, with no response, they called Augustyn. She has been known for rescuing distressed and injured animals in the area, and immediately went to investigate the situation.
Knowing that the veterinary clinics would close at noon on a Saturday, and seeing how bad the dog's condition actually was, she took him to the Animal Emergency Clinic in Conroe, West Dallas. The clinic is a state of the art facility and has been providing after hours and weekend emergency care for wounded animals in the Conroe area since 1978.
It was initially though that the dog was a "bait dog", as he was completely covered in blood. However, it turned out he had been shot in the face with buckshot, and left in a garbage bag to die, on a cold night on the side of the road.
Augustyn, having dedicated most of her adult life to rescuing animals, says in the video, “Dogs love unconditionally. You’ll never find anyone or anything that loves you like a dog. Why would you injure something like that? I don’t understand."
Talking about the area, she said that people don't care about their animals, and allow them to run free, unneutered. Others in the area dislike dogs and shoot them when found on their property, which is probably the case with Buck.
Named Buck for the buckshot in his face, the dog is a mixed breed weighing approximately 60-70 pounds and is around 3 years old.
According to the vet, Buck has buckshot lodged in his face, eyes, neck, shoulders, mouth and gums. On arrival at the clinic, he was suffering from hypothermia and was semi-comatose from spending at least 10 hours in the bag alongside the road.
Fortunately the clinic has stabilized Buck. Dr. Ron Hendrick, a veterinarian with the clinic, says that he sees dogs wounded as badly as Buck approximately one a month, and sees injured animals on a daily basis.
Hendrick says that Buck is a sweet dog and that his prognosis is good. However, both eyes were damaged by buckshot and this damage is likely to be permanent. A specialist will be seeing Buck on Monday morning in an attempt to determine his vision loss.
There are signs of hearing loss and Buck may have sustained brain damage from the buckshot.
Buck will also be x-rayed to determine why he is having problems walking and moving.
Augustyn has started up a Facebook page for Buck, “Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries” in an attempt to cover the dog's veterinary bills. With current veterinary charges estimated at over $3,000, another $2,000 will be required to continue specialized medical care for Buck.
If anyone in the area has any information about Buck, they are asked to call Crime Stopper at 1-800-392-STOP.
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