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article imageOp-Ed: Seeds Act not vetoed, GM seeds can still be traded in Poland

By Anne Sewell     Jan 7, 2013 in Food
The good news was that Poland banned the planting of GM seeds. The bad news is that the Seeds Act was not vetoed by the Polish Prime Minister and the trading of GM plants and seeds is allowed to continue.
Digital Journal reported recently on the ban by Poland on GM corn and potatoes from BASF and Monsanto. Greenpeace was apparently thrilled that "the government has kept its promises."
However, the latest news in from Poland is that everyone was deceived. Despite a great surge of action and letters calling for the flawed act to be vetoed, the Seeds Act is alive and well.
While the New Year dawned with Polish Prime Minister Tusk announcing that Poland is to ban the planting of GM seeds as from January 28, he is, however, NOT banning 'trading' of GM plants and seeds. According to the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC), if trading is allowed, what sort of control will be in place to stop planting? In a word, none.
ICPPC says that farmers will soon become aware that they will be responsible for any infringements, should their land become contaminated by GM plantings. Should their crops become cross-contaminated, it will be their responsibility and all costs will be payable to the great Monsanto and Big Pesticide.
Jadwiga Lopata and Sir Julian Rose of ICPPC
Jadwiga Lopata and Sir Julian Rose of ICPPC
ICPPC says that this is a classic political deception. "As the word spins out across the world that Poland is banning GM maize and potato crops, the corporations are being offered the freedom to ply their GM trade. What sort of 'ban' is that?" say Sir Julian Rose and Jadwiga Lopata of ICPPC.
The government says that it has the support of Greenpeace. Greenpeace in return, confirms that it is supporting the government position along with a "clique of Facebook supporters".
However, the ICPPC has the support of the great majority of farmers and aware consumers and the backing of the Solidarity trade union, the nurses union, the farmers chamber and the bee keeping association.
Its members will be uniting the GM opposition groups to form a united front, able and willing to take on the government and the corporations, to force a total ban on GM trading and planting.
The fight continues in Poland against GMOs.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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