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article imageBarbecan's double revolving doors block and trap armed intruders

By Milton Este     Jan 6, 2013 in Technology
The recent gun violence incidents in the United States emphasizes the need for better security, better detection, and better protection.
Patented January 2013, Barbecan Security Systems have patented a Linear Revolving Door (LRD) system to prevent the carrying and smuggling of weapons and other dangerous materials into just about anywhere the LRD portal is installed.
The Linear Revolving Door portal is essentially a hallway like structure forcing anyone wishing to access the building to pass through. As the person enters this portal, a door in front and a door behind the individual closes. As the person moves forward, so do the doors. While this occurs, sensors on each side of the portal walls scan for potential threats such as firearms, explosives, and so on. If a threat is detected, the doors move in the reverse, forcing the intruder to exit the building.(Discovery)
According to Barbecan Security Systems, some of the places the LRD would be most useful are:
-Airport Main Entrances
-Airport Exit Lane Breach Control (1-way door without threat sensors)
-Military Bases, Embassies and Consulates
-Refugee Processing Checkpoints (Middle East)
-Government Buildings and Courthouses
-Ground Transportation - Ferry, Train, Bus, and Underground
-Stadiums and Conference Halls
-Customs and Immigration Checkpoints
-Hotels and Office Buildings
-Marketplaces and Malls
-High schools, Colleges, and Universities
Furthermore, the LRD Robotic Security Portals provide:
-Safe Operation - each portal unit Robotically Tracks Pace of each Pedestrian
-Gang Portal Configurations
-Dynamic Directional Programmability
-Unattended Operation - Automatically Reverses when Weapon is Detected
-Familiar User Interface Paradigm
-Uninterrupted Traffic Flow
-Support for Diverse Threat Sensor Technologies
-Man-trap Capability
-No Weapon Passing
-No Tailgating
-Companion Baggage Portal
-Blast Mitigation
(Barbecan Security Systems)
This concept and feature is quite unique and can dramatically increase the safety of the general public without the need for the heavy use of armed guards, security cameras, metal detectors, and other equipments. The LRD runs in the background, out of sight offering a silent and yet passive way to deal with unwanted visitors.
However, this solution isn't perfect. It does have its flaws. The current design involves having the doors reverse and pushing out the intruder. This, however, doesn't stop the intruder for targeting another building with the LRD installed.
Suppose Barbecan were to change the LRD's design to simply trap the intruder between the two doors until law enforcements arrive, this could gradually reduce the crime rate and intrusion attempts. However, this also places a burden on the general public. With one less point of entry, it would significantly slow down the flow into a high traffic location such as an airport.
Furthermore, the stacked LRD portal system shows the revolving doors work both ways, both entry and exit. The question is why?
If a person successfully enters a building, it is assumed that they aren't carrying anything dangerous so why have another set of revolving doors working the other way? Also, if this isn't required, then another set of regular doors will be needed, which reduces the security of the revolving doors as intruder(s) can simply bypass the LRDs all together.
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