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After Nirbhaya's death, India's women take self-defense classes

By Can Tran     Jan 5, 2013 in World
In wake of what happened to Nirbhaya, martial arts and other self-defense courses have started to be more popular with women wanting to keep themselves from being part of the statistic.
The brutal gang rape that happened on December 16 became a nationwide wake-up call to India. It let to national wide anger and calls for stricter laws and punishments against rapists. After the victim (known as “Nirbhaya,” “Ananat,” and “Braveheart”) succumbed to her injuries through multiple organ failure caused by cerebral edema triggered by cardiac arrest, it sparked even more anger. In short, Nirbhaya ended up becoming a martyr to this movement. While there are talks about stricter laws and so forth, the gang rapes still continue in India. To be on the safe side, the women of India are taking to self-defense courses and other ways to effectively protect themselves.
One person leading the initiative, as reported by CBS-affiliate WTVY, is 1994 Asian Games bronze medal Judoka Poonam Chopra. Chopra, who feels the government is failing in its duty to protect the women of India, feels that children should be trained in martial arts at school, colleges, and other residential localities. In this regard, Chopra is calling for more people especially children to learn martial arts to defend themselves against unwanted sexual advances. Also, Chopra further explained that athletic girls go through less trouble because the offenders know that they will be outmatched when it comes to strength.
Anuj Sharma, a self-defense trailer, has received a flood of calls from women interested in taking his courses. This is another example of women taking the initiative to teach themselves how to defend against such attackers in the future. In short, there's a boom in women interested in taking self-defense, buying rape alarms, pepper sprays, firearms, and so forth. Women of India, feeling frustrated, have now found an empowering voice. Unfortunately and sadly, the trigger ended up being a young woman who was brutally assaulted and raped by six men with one of them armed with a metal rod.
In an article on The Guardian reports on forensic evidence linking the accused with the brutal raple of Nirbhaya. The blood found on the clothes of those accused is reported to belong to Nirbhaya. Through a DNA test, the men accused are linked with what happened to Nirbhaya.
The boyfriend of Nirbhaya, who was also brutally injured during the assault, said that people that passed by did nothing to help. Instead, they just ignored what was going on. In short, according to the boyfriend, nobody bothered to help them. When talking to Zee News, the boyfriend explained it took ninety minutes for them to get to the hospital. He also criticized the police response.
Al-Jazeera reports of the New Delhi Police refuting the boyfriend's claims on the police's response on the night of the incident.
Currently, the five accused (while there are six) are under “suicide watch.” The sixth accuser is a minor as will be treated as a juvenile. The juvenile is lodged separately from the other five accusers. Since Nirbhaya died from her injuries, murder is stacked onto the list of charges they are facing.
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