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article imageInterview: 'Pretty Little Liars' Jim Titus 60 lb. loss; spoilers Special

By Chrystal Mahan     Jan 5, 2013 in Entertainment
Weight loss is never easy, but Jim Titus shows us that hard work and dedication pay off. The recurring guest star dishes about weight loss and spoilers in interview.
Titus, who plays Officer Barry Maple, has dropped an amazing 60 pounds, he stated in today’s interview. The actor did it the old-fashioned way by watching what he ate and becoming dedicated to the gym. “It’s been 100% blood, sweat, and tears in the gym!” he says. Jim topped the scales at 308. In 2010, after becoming a father, he made the decision to be a better role model for his child after battling the scale for five years.
In an industry where how you look can greatly affect the work you get and become stressful, Titus explained in the interview how it is for him working as an actor in Hollywood.
“It can be, but at the end of the day, I'm still making a living as an actor, which is still very surreal to me. It's a really small sacrifice to make. When I was 16 I had the privilege of working on a movie called Beloved. Not on camera, but as a production assistant, you know, a gofer. One of my tasks was to bring Oprah Winfrey her breakfast each morning. That woman was so committed to eating well and staying in shape. She even had this crazy stairmaster that she had shipped to set. It just goes to show that no matter how successful you are, it still takes dedication. I'm sure she didn't actually want to eat that horrid oatmeal!”
The Pretty Little Liars actor keeps up with his new look by living day-to-day. Titus says he had no weight gain over the holidays even though he slacked. Jim would like to lose another 30 pounds and then begin the maintenance phase of his journey. “After that 30 pound loss he’ll have lost an astonishing 100 pounds. Titus says, “That’s like losing one of the Pretty Little Liars!” he says with such excitement.
When asked how he landed the role of Officer Barry Maple, Jim tells the story about how he was trying out for another role on the show Fairly Legal where he met the casting directors of Pretty Little Liars. He didn’t get the role, but later he received a phone call to audition for Pretty Little Liars. He was told it was for one episode. Two and a half years later he’s still making appearances. Titus says this is “the first role I’ve had where people will stop me in the supermarket and say, “Hey aren’t you that cop on Pretty Little Liars?”
We inquired about some spoilers, and even though he’s not allowed to divulge such information, he was kind enough to give fans a small tip.
“My next appearance on PLL is the first time that Barry is seen inside the Rosewood Police Precinct, and you get to see a brief interaction between him and one of the detectives. I think deep inside Barry is a little envious of their position, so that provided some fun subtext to play with.”
The January mid season premiere of Pretty Little Liars begins on Jan. 8. Be sure to watch ABC Family Jan. 29 to see the return of Jim Titus as Barry Maple in the episode “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno.”
Update: Jim wants everyone to know that since publication, he met the scale for a 72 pound win!
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