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article imageFederal Court Ruling: Not illegal to flip off the 'Po-Po'

By Can Tran     Jan 4, 2013 in World
The United States Court of Appeals, in a 14-page opinion, has given the ruling that it is not illegal for you to shoot members of law enforcement the "bird."
If you ever felt frustrated at the Po-Po, Five-0, 2-5, 5's, Bacons, Barneys, Black & Whites, coppers and so forth (all slang words people tend to refer to police officers or people working for other law enforcement agencies), you may be tempted to just go ahead and give them the finger. In most cases, you may end up finding yourself in trouble with the law by doing so in the case of the United States. A ruling on Thursday by the United State Court of Appeals, which is a 14-page opinion available for reading, says that flipping off the police aka shooting them the bird is not illegal. To be more specific, just because the police are on the receiving end of the finger does not mean it is reasonable enough to pull someone over.
In short, giving the finger does not equate to either the suspicion of a traffic violation or any possible criminal activity. For the most part, that means you can flip off the cop (if you have a negative opinion against law enforcement) and be on your merry way.
One can ask: Why did the courts even bother with such a case?
This goes back to May 2006, which is a little over six and a half years goes, in regards to John Swartz of St. Johnsville, New York. Back in May 2006, he got charged with “disorderly conduct” by flipping off two police officers. While the charges were dismissed against Swartz via a speedy trial, Swart and his wife decided to sue the officers for being arrested without reasonable suspicion.
A judgment wouldn't be made until 2011. That judgment was made in favor of the police officers. However, on Thursday, the US Court of Appeals overturned the judgment. An article on In The Capital, near the end, says if you get busted by the cops to do the following: give the cops the finger and not use your words. Remember, if and when read your Miranda Rights, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. In that case, by all means flip off the cops.
If you are busted and have to go to court, remember, you still have the judge to answer to. Even with the recent federal ruling on giving the middle finger, it probably will not make you look any better when you're sitting in the defendant's chair in court.
Also, you could be in the world of hurt if you do it in front of a cop and nobody's around to take video. One simply has to look at the video above.
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