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article imageVideo: 'The God and Fate Revolution Paradox' Copy World trailer

By Can Tran     Jan 3, 2013 in Entertainment
A long game play demonstration trailer has been released for the upcoming role-playing game called "The God and Fate Revolution Paradox." This trailer shows the dynamics of the game play.
A long trailer has been released for the new role-playing game by Nippon Ichi Software, the makers of the popular “Disgaea” series, called “The God and Fate Revolution Paradox.” It uses a combination of 2D cel-shaded graphics and 3D environmental rendering. While this game has a cartoonish feel to the graphics, The God and Fate Revolution Paradox plays like a solid action-tactical role-playing game title where dungeons are on a 3D bird's eye view grid plane. In this story, it is revealed that there are two worlds that exist: the original world and the copy world with the latter being the in-game dungeons that you go to fight monsters and defeat bosses to complete your goal. It also shows another important game play dynamic: picking up objects and throwing them at your enemies.
You take on the role of a teenage boy named Renya who has the ability to change fate; but, doing so comes at a price. If Renya's not careful, he'll end up creating a paradox which will cause a lot of problems. In the game, you end up helping out many different people. Thus, the more people you help equates into the many dungeons you have to clear out. One of those people you help out is the fairy tail princess Cinderella who's stick and tired of the happy endings. It is reported that Cinderella is a major character in the game.
As a result, he has to travel back and forth between the original and copy worlds. To prevent a paradox from happening, Renya has to travel into the dungeons in the copy world. Also, the trailer reveals the various characters that will assist Renya when venturing in the many dungeons. You can come up with combination attacks between Renya and whoever is traveling the dungeon with him. The game play demonstration also shows the importance of constantly equipping new items when entering each new dungeon; this is because all your levels are reset to one at the end of each dungeon you play through.
This means you cannot “cheat” by going around to do level grinding. If you finished a dungeon at level ten, you start off the new dungeon right at level one. Depending on what type of gamer you are, this game play dynamic can either be fun or frustrating for you. At the same time, it cuts down on the hours someone would normally spend to do level grinding to have an advantage on enemies.
This game is scheduled for release on January 24. It will be exclusively for the Playstation 3. It is unknown whether or not this game will have a North American release. This is an example of how many Japanese role-playing games are tied into intellectual topics such as fairy tails, religion, and so forth.
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