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Minneapolis theater offering 'Tweet Seats' for texting patrons

By Andrew Moran     Jan 2, 2013 in Business
Minneapolis - It seems some movie theater owners are going to permit their patrons to use their mobile phones and text message. One theater has started to charge people $15 for "Tweet Seats" that give you the chance to text throughout an entire movie.
Digital Journal has reported in the past of polls that suggest young people want movie theaters to be more texting-friendly. Meanwhile, it was also reported of a new mobile phone app that makes texting inconspicuous and less bothersome to moviegoers.
At the latest CinemaCon, it was noted that there were a number of theater owners that were intrigued by the idea of allowing its customers to use their phones. It seems that some picture-houses are adapting and testing out different ideas, including having a section called “Tweet Seats.”
According to a report from a local Fox News affiliate, a Minneapolis theater called the Guthrie Theater announced that it had established a special section in its balcony area for “Tweet Seats” where audience members are actually encouraged to live-tweet the event, usually a play, and post messages about what it is they are watching.
Since the seats are in the balcony area, they won’t disrupt anyone else, but if it’s live-theater the noise of a phone could be rather difficult to ignore. They will cost a hefty price, though. For last week’s showing of “The Servant of Two Masters,” tickets were listed for $15.
The Guthrie Theater isn’t the first establishment to experiment with texting-friendly locations. NDTV notes that The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Public Theater in New York and Palm Beach Opera have started special sections for visitors to use their phones.
Many people have put forward the notion that permitting audiences to use their smartphones would create buzz for the production patrons paid their hard earned money to watch. If someone is talking on Twitter about what they are witnessing then it would create awareness.
Other places still strictly forbid phone usage. The Alamo Drafthouse posted a don’t-text/talk message before their movies, which featured an angry voicemail from a former customer, who said she should be allowed to text no matter what and the theater should permit it.
The video can be found below:
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