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article imageRubbish dumped outside Salvation Army stores costs them money Special

By Richard Milnes     Jan 2, 2013 in World
Sydney - At a press conference today, Salvation Army Chaplain Major Robert Sneller urged the community to stop dumping unusable donations and rubbish outside Salvo stores this holiday season.
Major Robert Sneller, along with Major Bruce Harmer and Michelle Hutchinson, a Salvation Army store manager, spoke to the media earlier today at the Salvos flagship store on the corner of Princes Highway and Bellevue Road, Tempe, in Sydney.
Major Bruce Harmer (L)  a store manager  Michelle Hutchinson (C) and Major Robert Sneller (R)  speak...
Major Bruce Harmer (L), a store manager, Michelle Hutchinson (C) and Major Robert Sneller (R), speaking to the media at the Salvos flagship store in Tempe about the problem of people dumping unusable items and rubbish outside stores.
After the press conference, the media were shown a pile of largely unwanted items that had been dumped at the Salvos store. Digital Journal asked Major Robert Sneller, who celebrates 40 years of service as a Salvation Army Officer this month, whether all of the items would have to be thrown out?
“Well, I’m not an expert on clothes, but just a few of our ladies or men will have a look at them, but all this, there’s nothing we can do with it.
“We may occasionally get a…if somebody’s a carpenter and wants a bit of wood, but basically, by the time it gets here and as you can see, it really gets to the point where you can’t put it together, you don’t know if there’s parts missing. If it was a complete thing it should have been tied up and that kind of thing and nobody’s done anything. So, the majority, the fridge, the mattresses, all that will be thrown out because they’re stained or they’re ripped; we have to deal with health regulations and if we sell that and something happens to them, we are responsible, so we have got to protect our customers when they come, make sure that they are safe. Not just in what they buy, but make sure its good.” Major Sneller said.
“I would say 95% of this stuff will be thrown out.”
Salvation Army Chaplain Major Robert Sneller and store manager Michelle Hutchinson sort through what...
Salvation Army Chaplain Major Robert Sneller and store manager Michelle Hutchinson sort through what are likely to be unusable donations and rubbish that have been dumped at the Salvos flagship store in Tempe.
Major Sneller spoke about the cost to have unwanted donations taken away.
“At the moment its about $82 a tonne.
“Now I know a tonne’s a fair bit, but see that’s heavy to begin with and all the arms all stained.” Major Sneller said, pointing to an old sofa that somebody had left.
“If we’re going to talk about a person’s dignity and try and build them up, we wouldn’t give them that. That would be too bad for them, so we get rid of that.
“If they take that, one, they would feel ‘Is that all you think about me?’ and the other thing that it’s a question of ‘Well if I’m worth that much then I mustn’t be worth anything at all, if your going to give me something which is stained’.
“I wouldn’t like it in my home. I don’t think you would either. Why should I give it to somebody just because I’m a little bit more fortunate than they are at this moment? I may be in their same shoes in twelve months time. Hope not! Hope you’re not either!
“But it can happen. Especially in our climate where, our community today…I mean ten years ago, if you were in middle class, what we call middle-class, you were sort of set. Now we’re getting middle class people, working with two jobs, coming to our stores because they can’t afford what’s going on with all the increasing costs.”
Digital Journal mentioned that people can lose their job and end up in a difficult position.
“That can easily happen, I mean no job, not even a government job is that secure, like it used to be, you know." He said.
“My mother used to say when I was going to school, ’Get a government job and you’ve got a job for life’. Doesn’t work these days.”
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