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After 'Nirbhaya's rape & death, New Year's is somber in India

By Can Tran     Dec 31, 2012 in World
New Delhi - Out of respect for what happened to "Nirbhaya," New Year's Eve in India is going to be scaled down and somber. Instead of a night of joy, it will be a night of mourning.
New Year's Eve across the world has plenty of celebrations. In the case of India, New Year's Eve across the country is going to be somber and scaled down. Instead of stepping into 2013 with joy and excitement, the people of India are stepping into 2013 with sadness and mourning for “Nirbhaya” who is been called “India's daughter.” This stems from what happened on December 16 which Nirhbaya and her fiance were taking the bus home after watching a movie. Six drunken men attacked the couple; in the case of Nirbhaya, she was brutally beaten and gang raped. The two of them were tossed out of the bus afterward. Nirbhaya, was flown to Singapore to get treated at the Mouth Elizabeth Hospital. While struggling onto dear life, Nirbhaya succumbed to her injuries and died.
Celebrations for New Year's Eve across India have been scaled down or canceled. The Indian Army and Navy have canceled their New Year's celebrations. Hotels and clubs either scaled back or canceled their usual powers. While rape is an epidemic in India, it was not seriously addressed; with what happened with Nirbhaya, it struck a massive cord with the people of India. Celebrations are either canceled or scaled down out of respect for Nirbhaya. Military and government officials asked others not to celebrate as this is a time of mourning and not celebration for India.
An appearance by Indian rapper known as Yo Yo Honey Singh was canceled as a result. The rapper was accused of promoting music that encourages violent let alone sexual violence against women. In response to what happened to Nirbhaya, Singh talked about how the violence made him “ashamed to be Indian.”
He even called for the death sentence against the six perpetrators. If convicted, the perpetrators could get the death penalty. Due to Nirbhaya dying of her injuries, the perpetrators were slapped with a murder charge.
It was revealed that Nirbhaya was supposed to be married in February.
In an NDTV article, it was revealed that Nirbhaya's mother collapsed at the cremation ceremony. Also, it is further revealed that when spending time with Nirbhaya, the mother did not eat properly for two weeks.
Nirbhaya's family have called for the execution of the perpetrators. Also reported is the father being stricken with grief that he cannot step into his daughter's room.
In an International Business Times article, outrage came from all over the world. The Global Fund for Women, UNICEF, Human Rights Watch, Global Times, New York Times, and so forth talked about India's situation, the government's handing of rapes, and so forth. An NDTV article reports that there were 635 reported rape cases in this year; but, only one case ended up in a conviction. Back in 2011, there were 572 rape cases were reported. Back in 2010, 507 rapes were reported. Each year, the number of reported rape cases increases in Delhi.
While there are protests taking place along with calls for the improvement of women's rights, there are still rapes taking place. IBN Live reports about twenty-five rapes taking place the week after the horrific beating and gang rape of Nirbhaya. Unfortunately for those victims, they end up being part of the statistic.
In a rape case, that happened aboard a bus, it was alleged that the victim was raped by her own brother.
There was a case of a 13-year-old victim who was gang raped over a period of four days by her brother-in-law and his friend. She tried committing suicide; but, she is currently hospitalized at the moment.
There are people in government that are still insensitive and tone deaf about the plight of women, especially those that are victims of gang rape. The MLA of Alwar, Banwari Lai Singhal, said that female students should be prohibited from wearing skirts. With that said, it was back to “blaming the victim.” He received much political fire from activists and protesters.
While there are calls for stricter laws against rapists and harsher punishments, things seem easier said than done. There's still the trial of those six men. One has to look back at the reported rape cases this year along with there only being one conviction.
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