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Op-Ed: The fight to save Ealing Hospital

By Alexander Baron     Dec 31, 2012 in Politics
Ealing - If you live in West London, how about kicking off the New Year with a picket of Ealing Hospital, or one of the other campaigns against Cameron's phony programme of austerity?
The picture below is the front of a leaflet currently being distributed in the West London area. There is a meeting at Christ the Saviour Church Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday evening. There is also a weekly picket of Ealing Hospital at the main entrance. Like the campaign to save Lewisham Hospital A&E on the other side of London, this is a local campaign run by local people including health workers.
As with Lewisham Hospital, the official propaganda is that this is a merger that will benefit patients and the entire community; a website has been set up to proselytise this. While some of the proposed changes may be beneficial, like reducing the number of unnecessary hospital admissions, no one should be under any illusion that this exercise like all the other mergers and "rationalisations" within the NHS, is first and foremost cost driven, and that at the end of the day the needs of patients will be subjugated to this.
A leaflet distributed by campaigners against yet another hospital closure.
A leaflet distributed by campaigners against yet another hospital closure.
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