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article imageNew Delhi gang-rape perpetrators will be charged with murder

By Can Tran     Dec 29, 2012 in World
New Delhi - As the female gang-rape victim who was nicknamed "Nirbhaya" passed away from her injuries, the six perpetrators now face murder charges.
Two weeks ago, on December 16, a 23-year-old female medical student and her male friend were assaulted by six men on a bus in New Dehli, India. The female, who's identity hasn't been given out, was raped and beaten within an inch of her life with a metal rod. She was placed in critical condition. The victim was transferred to the Mouth Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for further treatment; unfortunately, the victim passed away from the accumulated damage suffered from the injuries. Since the woman died, now the case has turned into a murder case. If the six men are convicted, they will be given the death penalty.
The Hindu reports that the trial will be conducted in a fast-track court and the sheet of charges will be filed on January 3. Dayan Krishnan, a counsel in the Delhi High Court, is working as the special public prosecutor in the game. Also, Krishnan is doing this case pro-bono; but, he will be assisted by two junior prosecutors.
However, one of the attackers might face a different trial if he passes the ossification test. This is because the attacker claimed that he was a juvenile. If it turns out to be false, then he will stand trial with the other accused perpetrators. But, the six aren't the only ones to be charged. Authorities are examining if any legal action can be taken against the bus owner Dinesh Yadav. Yadav owns the bus that the sexual rape and beating took place on. So far, it seems that there's going to be an individual investigation about Yadav as it was revealed that the bus was impounded six times in two years along with allegations that Yadav used hired muscle to intimidate other bus drivers going the same route as his.
This could expand to corruption in New Delhi's transit system as well.
The body of the victim who has been given several nicknames such as “Braveheart,” “Nirbhaya,” and so forth is being transported from Singapore back to India for cremation. Nirbhaya passed away from cerebral edema triggered by cardiac arrest. She passed away at 4:45 AM. It is reported that the cerebral edema destroyed the brain cells which in turn caused the failure of her organs. While Nirbhaya was struggling to stay alive, the damage more than took a toll on her body.
Many people in India have expressed their outrage and took to the streets in protest. A lot of people gathered at the bus stop where Nirbhaya and her friend were picked up.
The incident, which got the world's attention, highlighted the issues of women's rights and sexual violence in India. Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have vowed to get justice for Nirbhaya.
A Washington Post blog lists ten reasons India has a problem with sexual violence. At the top, there's a lack of female police officers. Coming second, there is not enough dedicated police officers in the country of India. Other reasons include that domestic violence is accepted in India and the blame the victims for wearing provocative clothing. In short, the reasons show that India's current conditions are unfavorable to females.
Nirbhaya's brutal rape and death was the catalyst to point out the status of females in India.
Recently, a 17-year-old girl was found dead with poison in her system. The girl committed suicide by ingesting poison. It was revealed in the suicide note that she was gang-raped in November; but, she was pressured by the police to drop the charges and marry one of the attackers.
Today, it was reported that a 14-year-old girl tried to commit suicide in the same method the 17-year-old victim took her own life. The girl is too a gang-rape victim; currently, she's been placed on a ventilator. According to authorities, she was kidnapped and raped by two men. The accused, Prakash Devipujak and Mohit Devipujak, are currently on the run.
Also, it was reported that a young woman was groped by a man at a candlelight vigil for Nirbhaya.
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