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article imageVideo: 'Primal Rage II' footage discovered

By Can Tran     Dec 29, 2012 in Entertainment
Footage has been uncovered for Atari Games' "Primal Rage II" which was being developed in 1995. The game ended up being canceled.
Video footage for Atari Games' “Primal Rage II” has been discovered. For the younger generation of video game fans, let alone fighting game fans, hearing about footage of Primal Rage II doesn't seem to be that important. If you are part of the older generation of gamers, let alone fighting game fans, then Primal Rage II should have some amount of significance.
In 1994, “Primal Rage” came out to the arcades. The game was ported to different consoles later. Due to the violence level, Primal Rage served to be an alternative to Midway's “Mortal Kombat” series. You had took control of one of seven creatures representing tribes of surviving humans as they waged war with each other for control of the newly formed Earth known as “Urth.” The game had fatalities; but, one notable feature is the ability to eat humans on screen.
Primal Rage had interesting characters such as Chaos who had a special move that involved flatulence in the form of a slow traveling green fog. If the fog connected, the other character would temporarily be stunned. For a fatality, Chaos would urinate on the victim. As the smoke cleared, nothing but a skeleton remained.
This was the trigger that caused the game to get removed from the markets back then. This game was considered just as controversial as Mortal Kombat.
The following year, in 1995, Atari began to work on Primal Rage II. But, the project was ultimately scrapped. However, a prototype test cabinet can be found n Golf Land in Sunnyvale, California. The footage of Primal Rage II is seemingly taken at that same location. With this game, the characters take on human avatars that transform into creatures. In this game, a new character named Xiao Ming who transforms into a saber tooth tiger was introduced. This is footage of the Primal Rage sequel that never came to be. In short, the fetus known as Primal Rage II got aborted.
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