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article imageIs Facebook censoring pro-gun posts?

By Brett Wilkins     Dec 28, 2012 in Internet
Various websites accuse Facebook of censoring pro-gun messages, including a quote from Gandhi, and suspending the accounts of those who post them.
Natural News, a controversial site that critics claim specializes in pseudoscience and conspiracy theory, reports that its Facebook account was suspended after it posted the following quote by Mohandas K. Gandhi, the hero of Indian independence from Britain and a champion of non-violent civil disobedience:
"Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest."
The quote, from Gandhi's autobiography, allegedly resulted in Natural News' account being suspended and a "final warning" being issued, along with the threat that one more violation of Facebook's "community guidelines" would result in permanent deactivation of the group's account.
To reactivate its account, Natural News claims it was forced to send Facebook a color copy of a government issued identification.
Facebook is accused of censoring pro-gun content.
Facebook is accused of censoring pro-gun content.
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"That Facebook would choose to disable our account after we posted a Gandhi quote is incredibly shocking," Natural News wrote. "The historical rise of oppressed Indian people against tyrannical British rule is apparently no longer allowed to be discussed on Facebook. The very IDEA of a free people overcoming a tyrannical government rule now violates 'community guidelines.' The removal of this content is akin to online book burning and the destruction of history."
Infowars reports that Facebook has embarked on a campaign of "purging accounts that carry pro-Second Amendment and pro-liberty information." The site claims that 20 writers or contributors, including editor Kurt Nimmo, writer Aaron Dykes and contributor Amber Lyon, have all had their accounts suspended.
So has the account of Brandon Raub, a former US Marine who was forcibly detained by federal agents and imprisoned against his will in a psychiatric institute for posting anti-government messages on his Facebook page.
Raub is a known 9/11 "Truther," one of many who believe the government is not telling the truth about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. Digital Journal's Victoria Alexander reported on Thursday that Facebook deactivated the account of Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a prominent 9/11 "Truther" organization.
Most, if not all, of the suspended accounts have been reactivated. Facebook has not issued any statements explaining its actions.
In the past, Facebook has explicitly warned journalists not to post political opinions on the social media site. Infowars reporter Darrin McBreen was told to "be careful about making political statements on Facebook."
"Facebook is about building relationships not a platform for your political viewpoint," a message to McBreen from the "Facebook Team" reportedly warned. "Be careful and cognizant (sic) of what you are preaching."
The assertion that Facebook is "not a platform for political viewpoints" is baffling, considering the site is used as a campaign tool by practically every politician running for office in the United States. Just about every political cause imaginable is also promoted on Facebook.
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