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article imageVideo: 'Saint Young Men' teaser trailer

By Can Tran     Dec 27, 2012 in Entertainment
Two teaser trailers have been released for the 2013 anime film called "Saint Young Men" which is based off the manga of the same name. This story gives a humorous possibility of Jesus Christ and Buddha existing in modern day Japan.
In today's world, Christianity is the most practiced form of religion. You have many different denominations of Christianity such as: Baptism, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Anglicanism, Methodism, Oriental Orthodoxy, and so forth. However, Buddhism is also another major religion in the world and it is commonly practiced in East and Southeast Asia. In Christianity, you have Jesus Christ. In Buddhism, you have Buddha. Keep in mind that in Buddhism, there's no deity of worship and Buddha simply means “enlightened one.”
Imagine the two of them as mortal men in the present day world, let alone Japan. Most of you may have your own ideas on what could possibly happen. So far, the upcoming anime film called called “Saint Young Men” which is called “Saint Oniisan” in Japan has given a possible and very comedic idea of what it would be like if that possibly happened. The film is adapted from the manga of the same name written by Hikaru Nakamura. It's a comedy and slice of life story with the latter being defined as no set storyline. Currently, the manga is still ongoing.
The story of Saint Young Men focuses on Jesus Christ and Prince Siddharta Gautama, the latter being the first Buddha, both visiting the world while on vacation. The two of them, while on vacation, become roommates in a low-rent apartment. In a sense, the two of them are roommates that are the best of buds with each other. However, the two of them do have different personalities. In the manga, Jesus is portrayed as someone who discovers a love of dramas and has an online blog that reviews them while Buddha is portrayed as someone who becomes fascinated with the works of Osamu Tesuka. The story focuses on Jesus and Buddha understanding modern Japanese society while keeping their true identities concealed.
Saint Young Men is due out on May 10, 2013. So far, two teaser trailers have been made available for viewing at the moment. The story gives its own interesting spin on what happened if these two figures were brought to modern times.
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