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article imageVideo: 'Aliens — Colonial Marines' story trailer

By Can Tran     Dec 27, 2012 in Entertainment
Sega has released the latest video trailer for the upcoming survival-horror sci-fi shooter game called "Aliens: Colonial Marines" which has a final message from Corporal Hicks.
The latest video has been released for the upcoming video game from Sega called “Aliens: Colonial Marines.” In this video, the story behind the game is revealed. Corporal Hicks, who was portrayed by actor Michael Beihn from the “Aliens” movie by James Cameron, makes an appearance in the trailer and giving a final message which is intercepted by another group of United States Colonial Marines. In the message, Hicks talks about what happened to the USS Sulaco and that just about everybody is dead. If you have watched Aliens, then you would understand why everybody is just about dead. He talks about the chaos that happened on LV-426 which is the planet of the Xenomorphs.
A new batch of Marines are sent back to the planet to find out what happened. According to Cinema Blend, if the game is part of the canonical storyline, then it should tie in the events of Aliens and “Aliens 3.” In Hicks' final message, the newly thawed Marines are warned to be very careful of the dangers that await them at Hadley's Hope. In short, there's a lot of action that should be present in the game. If you are into the Aliens franchise and enjoy first-person shooter games, then you may want to get Aiens: Colonial Marines when it comes out. This game is supposed to launch early 2013 for the PC, Playstation 3, Wii U, and PC.
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