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article imageStarbucks on fiscal cliff debate: You guys need to work together

By Can Tran     Dec 27, 2012 in Business
Starbucks CEO Howard Schlultz, responding to the "fiscal cliff" battle between Democrats and Republicans, instructed DC-area Starbucks shops to write "Come Together" on all cups of coffee sold.
As the Democrats and Republicans in Washington DC continue sparring and standing off with each other with respect to the “fiscal cliff,” the coffee shop chain known as Starbucks is taking social activism into its own hands. For the most part, this can be pretty significant at a grassroots level in Washington DC. One may ask: why? If you visit Washington DC, you're bound to run into a Starbucks or two around every corner. As ABC News reports Howard Schultz, who is the CEO of Starbucks, is instructing employees of the Washington DC area Starbucks to write, “Come Together” on every cup of coffee that is sold.
Due to the population density of Washington DC's metro area, there's going to be a healthy supply of Sharpie pens needed. Perhaps the Starbucks in DC's Chinatown might also write “Come Together” in Chinese. On the Starbucks website blog, Schultz talks about how, if we were able to tap into the power of connected humanity, differences can be made.
He channeled the power of the holiday spirit when it came to the “fiscal cliff” showdown between the Democrats led by United States President Barack Obama and the Republicans led by House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio. Furthermore, Schultz said that he felt that the company's scale should send an optimistic message to both parties to reach a solution. He said that it's an opportunity and a responsibility to not just be a bystander to the talks in Congress.
Schultz even took to social media using platforms like Twitter and Facebook to get the message across.
On a humorous note, in a Forbes article regarding Starbucks, there is a tweet from Felix Salmon says that Schultz wants both the members of the GOP and Democratic Party to have an orgasm together. One person replies to the tweet giving the suggestion of giving members of both parties a coffee enema.
Also, the article points out how much extra work it will be on the Starbucks baristas working in the DC area. This is because they will have to write those words over and over again. The article does point out and criticize Schultz bringing in the tragic Sandy Hook shooting into the fiscal cliff talk that Schultz added in his blog entry. It said that Schultz shouldn't have done that as the gun debate and the fiscal cliff debate are separate and equally difficult issues to tackle.
One has to ask, though one may already know the answer, will writing “Come Together” on cups of coffee be any effective?
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