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article imageAdult actress receives bottles of 'life elixir' from loyal fans

By Can Tran     Dec 26, 2012 in World
Uta Kohaku, a popular adult actress, took to Twitter to request something from her fans: 100 bottles of their semen for an upcoming video. Her fans responded and delivered.
Japan is known for many things such as popular domestic and exported products. To demographics of many different ages, some of Japan's most popular exported commodities are anime titles, video games, and food items. Among the international crowd that are into anime and video games, various snack food items and drinks are among Japan's popular exports. To the adult crowd, and the minor crowds that watch things that they're not old enough to watch yet, Japan has a popular domestic and exported commodity when it comes to sex. In Japan, sex definitely sells. The country's sex industry is seems to be in a continuous boom. Even when actresses get older, then can still continue a career in adult entertainment aka porn to an extent. In general, porno flicks produced in Japan and the United States are completely differently. What seems to be acceptable in US porn can be either acceptable or unacceptable to Japan and vice-versa.
In an article on RocketNews24, dated on December 20, Japanese AV (adult video) idol Uta Kohaku received a “gift” from her fans. Like many other porn actresses, she engages her fan base through the popular social media outlet known as Twitter through her account “uta0214khk.” With the viral power of Twitter, anybody can make a tweet and get updates to the masses. As mainstream actresses and other publicly known people take advantage of Twitter, it's bound that adult performers would do the same thing. In the case of a recent tweet by Uta, which was echoed by the porno studio RADIX, her fans were called out with a “special request.” Seemingly, this seems acceptable when it comes to Japan's sex and adult entertainment culture.
This request was for 100 fans to fill bottles with their semen and to write their names on them. It was requested for one of latest videos, apparently which Uta seems to be participating in, called “Semen Collection 2.” As the article was dated on December 20, it's the same date in which the video was going through the filming stage. The bottles were delivered to Uta courtesy of the porno studio RADIX. She tweeted a picture of herself receiving the box that contained those bottles. It would seem that this was to show she actually got the bottles and that the production studio wasn't kidding. But, the biggest attention grabber was Uta tweeting a picture of herself (while completely covered up) being surrounded by the bottles from her loyal fans along with saying that she'd care for them as if it were her own child.
What is Uta going to use those bottles for? That's entirely up to your imagination; or, you can go get yourselves a copy of Semen Collection 2.
With that said, this gives somewhat of a glimpse of what Japan's adult industry is like. It also reflects upon the differences between Japanese and American adult entertainment cultures.
According to another RocketNews24 article, Japan's sex industry continues to grow every year. In another article, on RocketNews24, at least 20,000 videos are released each year. Each year, at least 6,000 females make their pornography debut in Japan each year. One should take a look of Japan's size in comparison to the United States in which porn is also a popular commodity as well. So far, it shows that the industries in Japan and the United States are rather different. Also, the perceptive towards the culture of the adult entertainment industry differs between Japan and the United States. In the case of Japan, adult actresses are given celebrity status. In the case of the United States, adult actresses get mixed status with the very popular actresses tending to get the celebrity status.
Furthermore, Japan's porn industry is protected from recession. This is due to not all the applicants joining the industry for the cash. In short, there are plenty of applicants that are doing a job that lets them do what they enjoy: sex. Also reported, is that those with a strong academic background are chosen oven applicants with a weaker academic background. In short, that differentiates from the industry in the United States.
Keep in mind while plenty of females debut in porn each year in Japan, they may leave after they think their finances are secure enough to pursue another way of living. However, many porn actresses in Japan seem to be in the same boat as porn actresses in North America: moving on after leaving the adult entertainment industry and working regular jobs. In the case of Japan, these “retired actresses” work in the sex industry.
However, an older adult actress is more in demand than a younger adult actress in the case of Japan. According to a November 27 article on Tokyo Reporter, “mature” actresses are still in demand. The article reports that women in their 40s are targeted because that's the median age of housewives and divorcees in Japan. In the UK publication called The Sun, it's now the older actresses earning the money in Japan which can be seen as a contrast with the American porn industry. As a result, you have younger actresses claiming to be older than they are, though those younger adult actresses are of the legal age. It's a case of you're old enough to be in porn; but, not old enough to get the better paying gigs.
These are examples of the culture impact that porn has in modern-day Japanese culture. Despite porn being extremely popular in Japan, it's illegal to show the genitalia of the performers. To remedy that, the genitalia is blurred out with pixels. If you don't blur our and censor the genitalia, you get in trouble with the law. In a December 4 report on the Tokyo Reporter, the Tokyo Police Department conducted a raid of several shops and warehouses. The cops seized hundreds of thousands or porno flicks that were not censored.
In that respect, there are jobs in editing when it comes to censoring the genitalia in soon-to-be released AV titles. So far, anybody's welcome to apply for such jobs.
Going back to the celebrity status of Japanese AV idols, there are some that have celebrity status that goes outside of Japan. Mainly, the status extends to other countries in Asia. One example would be Sora Aoi who is reported to have a strong fan base in China. According to a report that's dated on June 3, Aoi has over 11 million followers on this social platform called Sina Weibo. In a Kotaku article that's dated on December 6, it humorously talks about how the Japanese and Chinese can bond over Japanese porn.
Back to Japan, adult entertainment is seemingly kin to pop culture. In an article dated back on August 26, there was a report of a live-streamed event called “Erotica will Save the World.” This event would be streamed for 24 hours. It was figures of Japan's AV industry, especially the AV idols, coming together to raise funds for AIDS awareness, treatment, and prevention. The biggest event draw was called the “Breast Fundraiser.”
To participate in the “Breast Fundraiser,” you need to be over 18 with a valid ID. You need to donate your money and then make sure your hands were sterilized. By donating money, you got to squeeze the bare breasts of one of the ten AV idols at the event. If you donated more money, you can repeat the process again.
For the most part, while this seems to be very odd to you, this seems to be very common and acceptable when it comes to Japan's sexual culture.
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