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article imageVideo: KFC as a popular Christmas main course in Japan

By Can Tran     Dec 26, 2012 in Food
Kentucky Fried Chicken, a popular chain in the United States, has achieved much popularity in Japan. During Christmas, KFC is the food of choice by many Japanese.
While Christmas which is known as “mass of Christ,” is a holiday that originated from Christianity, the current festive spirit is popular in many parts of the world. This includes many parts of Asia especially in Japan. With the commercialization of Christmas, the holidays are profitable for many different companies. They give special promotions or have items out before the holidays to drive up sales. This includes fast food restaurants. While many fast food chains originated in the United States, they have expanded overseas. So far, fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken have capitalized on their popularity in Japan. However, Christmas is a profitable time for KFC chains across Japan.
For the Christmas holidays, you may have the following: turkey, pork, and/or ham. You may even decide to have beef tenderloin or something completely different for Christmas. Who says you have to serve turkey or ham for Christmas in the first place? In the case of the Japan, the most popular choice of food for Christmas is fried chicken. To be more specific, the Japanese go for Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Video blogger “TheJapanChannelDcom” took a video of one of the KFC chains in Japan. In the video, it is seen that there is a long line of people waiting to get their KFC. The video was taken on Christmas Eve. According to the blogger, most Japanese will tell you the food to get for Christmas would be KFC. In short, KFC is incredibly popular in Japan during Christmas.
This business has been an important part of modern-day Japanese culture. Earlier in December, it was reported that Japan Airlines would be featuring KFC as their in-flight meals on select flights from Japan to the United States or Europe. However, it's only seasonal as the promotion ends on February 28.
One can ask: Why is KFC popular in Japan, especially during Christmas?
It is due to the expats in Japan not being able to access turkey. Instead, they were able to buy chicken. Thus, fried chicken has been popular. With that said, Colonel Sanders has a lot of love to receive in Japan.
KFC Japan definitely capitalized on the popularity. It's gone to lengths to stand out when compared to other international KFC franchises. Back in late-April, RocketNews24 reported on KFC Japan opening it's restaurant called “KFC Route 25.” This place spans three stories with the first two as a regular KFC restaurant with the third floor opening after 5pm in the afternoon being Route 25. The food menu is different from the regular KFC menu. However, the main feature is the fully-stocked whiskey bar.
From what the pictures in the RocketNews24 article show, the bar serves other types of alcohol asides from whiskey. The name was inspired by the actual road called “US Route 25” which passes in front of Sanders' original restaurant in Kentucky.
In mid-December, RocketNews24 further reported on KFC having an “all-you-can-eat chicken tour.” Under this promotion, you take to Twitter and send a tweet with a certain hashtag regarding to KFC. The winner of this contest would get a trip to Osaka for a day and have unlimited food at the KFC at Onobaru, Osaka.
To sum it up, the Japanese are crazy about their KFC. While KFC is popular overseas, other countries in Asia have tried to jump on the bandwagon. In Beijing, back in 2011, it was reported of an “Obama Fried Chicken” in existence. With regards to OFC, it has United States President Barack Obama's head where Colonel Sanders' head is supposed to be. Also in China, there's another knock-off called “Grandma Ji's Mala Tang” which is a noodle shop. The logo of the restaurant is similar to Colonel Sanders; but, it's of “Grandma Ji.”
In the case of South Korea, there's a knock-off restaurant called “LSH Pork Cutlet” which is a few doors down from an actual KFC.
So far, KFC is popular in Asia. To be more specific, KFC is very popular in Japan. Due to the popularity in Asia, there's bound to be other people trying to jump on the gravy train.
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