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article imageVideo: Aftermath of Syrian bakery bombing that killed over 100

By Can Tran     Dec 25, 2012 in World
A recent bombing in Syria had struck a line of over 1,000 people waiting outside of a bakery for bread. The death toll in the bombing is believed to be over 100.
With what happened in the last couple of weeks, it shows that mass killings let alone mass shootings can happen anywhere. That includes places like the United States; though, they are usually rare in North America. Keep in mind there are plenty of killings, let alone in public, that take place in Mexico. This is due to the Mexican government's war on the many drug cartels. Two weeks ago, you had the mall shooting in Oregon. Shortly after, you had the 2nd deadliest shooting in United States history taking place at Sandy Hook Elementary School at Newtown, Connecticut. The Sandy Hook shooting was very severe due to most of the victims being children. This has sparked national outrage and brought forth international attention. However, there are mass killings that are common in other places in the world.
Such areas across the world are the Middle East. You have Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza Strip, and so forth. Syria, due to the Syrian Civil War which spawned from the Arab Spring, is one of those many conflict zones across the world let alone the Middle East. In short, there are mass killings taking place in Syria. Recently, a CNN video showed the aftermath of a bakery in Halfaya, Syria.
According to reports, activists say that a bomb landed on a long line of people outside of a bakery. Apparently, the line outside the bakery had more than 1,000 people. Many people, at least 60 and possibly more than 100, were killed as a result of the bombing. However, there was no independent media access.
The videos were taken by individual people and uploaded onto sites such as YouTube. These amateur videos give a look at what's going on in Syria with bomb attacks taking place at bakeries where people are in line waiting to get bread. A good number of casualties in the killing were women and children. The videos shows casualties but blurred out by pixels.
One activist in the CNN video talked about bodies piled upon bodies. This is an example that mass killings are common in other parts of the world; especially, when one lives in a zone of constant conflict.
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