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article imageMcDonald's Japan does 60-second service or free burger promotion

By Can Tran     Dec 24, 2012 in Food
From January until February, McDonald's Japan is launching its 60-second service. If your order isn't fulfilled in 60 seconds or less, you get a free burger out of it.
International restaurant franchises have unique menus pertaining to countries. McDonald's Japan is a perfect example as it has its own spin on food and service. Recently, McDonald's Japan had introduced his “gracoro burger.” The patty is a fried croquette where the inside consists of white sauce, macaroni pasta, and shrimp. Asides from offering unique menu choices, McDonald's Japan is known for offering unique services and promotions. So far, McDonald's Japan is “challenging itself” starting January until Feburary 2013.
Confident that its restaurant-level staff can crank out burgers to the crowds in no time, McDonald's Japan is doing a month-long promotion where you get a free burger if the staff are unable to get your meal in sixty seconds or under. There's even a sand timer on hand which starts the countdown for staff to start flipping those burgers. Officially, the promotion starts on January 4, 2013. But, it is reported that there are a few restaurants at are implementing this promotion right now. If your order doesn't get fulfilled in time, you get a free coupon for the burger of your choice. Apparently fast food service in Japan, let alone McDonald's Japan, is incredibly fast. This is an example on how confident McDonald's Japan can get the food out.
Perhaps this is something that McDonald's restaurants in other countries can learn from their Japanese counterparts. However, if one is smart, there is a possible way to “game the system.” According to Rocket News 24, there are plenty of people coming with ways to “play the game” and exploit the promotion for their own game. However, that may play in favor of McDonald's Japan as customers will spend more just to game the system in the future. It points out that it's ultimately the staff and the restaurants that get worked the most.
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