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article imageGamer TriForce Johnson to NRA's Wayne LaPierre: 'This means war'

By Can Tran     Dec 23, 2012 in Entertainment
The gamer community is pushing back against the comment made by NRA's Wayne LaPierre in regards that video games are to blame for Sandy Hook. Isaiah "TriForce" Johnson, a high-profile figure in the video game community and industry, is pushing back.
Wayne LaPierre, the vice-president and CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA), spoke at a press conference on December 21. This is the first time the NRA has given an official statement since the events of Newtown. LaPierre and the rest of the NRA have taken heat for their response. In regards to blaming video games for contributing to a culture of violence, the video game community has openly rejected the blame. Pointing a finger towards video games received criticism from California state Senator Leland Yee D-San Francisco. Yee is known as a major video game critic who had even pushed for a bill that criminalizes the sale of violent games to minors. However, the bill failed to pass due to conflicts with 1st Amendment rights.
Yee, responding to LaPierre's blaming of video games, said the response was “pathetic.” In Yee's case, the NRA finds it convenient to blame video games for what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. He found it shocking that the NRA “suddenly cares” about the effects video games have. Yee talked about the bill he originally introduced; when he introduced the bill to the California State Congress, the NRA was silent about it.
The gamer community responded in their own ways. Antwand Pearman, the CEO of GamerFitNation, called for a 24-hour “ceasefire” for all shooter games. That would mean, gamers are asked to refrain from playing shooter games for twenty-four hours to show respect to the victims. So far, there were plenty of people that agreed to the ceasefire. However, another notable online gamer refused to participate in the “ceasefire.”
Instead of doing a ceasefire, the gamer had a live stream of a marathon session where he and others play games such that involved the rescue of children, princesses, and so forth. This was to show that gamers weren't out to kill children.
This person is Isaiah Johnson who goes by the name of “TriForce.” Of course, most people may never heard of him. If you keep track with professional video game tournaments, specially the fighting game scene, then you should know who TriForce is.
Johnson gets the nickname from the “Triforce” which is the recurring major plot device for Nintendo's “Legend of Zelda” series. At major video game events such as conventions, launch parties, and tournaments, TriForce can be seen wearing the vintage Nintendo Power Glove which came out for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.
TriForce heads the group called Empire Arcadia. The group's goal is to further the development of the digital culture and create new markets in gaming such as the following: fashion, art, music, education, community networking, competition, and so forth. It's recognized by the Guinness World Record as the one organization that wins the most competitive video game tournaments. The group has been rewarded many titles, championships, and so forth.
In his justification in refusing to participate in the ceasefire, TriForce talked about how the media blames video games for a lot of things. He said it had nothing to do with gamers. TriForce has been around the culture of video games for a long time as Empire Arcadia founded back in 1984 and officially established in 2002. Not only did TriForce refuse to participate in the “ceasefire,” he took aim at LaPierre.
The first thing that TriForce did was e-mail Kotaku the link to a YouTube video that is an 18-second clip from the movie called “Menace II Society.” In the clip, there was the line that said “You done f****ed up.” That was TriForce throwing down the gauntlet in front of the NRA's LaPierre. Afterward, TriForce said that this “meant war.”
TriForce, making his “declaration,” said that the gamer community is going to use the same tactics against the NRA: the media. That could be interpreted as using the video-game themed media outlets to attack the NRA. However, TriForce said that fighting the NRA is going to be very difficult. He's probably talking about money and influence.
He talked about how gamers are good and winning every single battle; but, it's a bad match-up when it comes to the media. TriForce said that he's going to plan and prepare carefully. In that case, he's probably going to gather various notable figures of the gaming industry and professional video game tournaments to help him out.
Furthermore, said that this wasn't an issue about videos or politics. TriForce said: “This is a sick individual.” He's probably referring to LaPierre.
TriForce is called the “most dedicated” and “most patient” gamer. He was one person of focus in a documentary about professional fighting game tournaments called “King of Chinatown.” In this respect, this is a battle between the growing video game community, which encompasses many different cultures & ethnic groups, against the pro-gun community.
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