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article imageGingrich: I would've been stronger against Obama in the election

By Can Tran     Dec 23, 2012 in Politics
Former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich said that the Republican Party needs to be overhauled. Gingrich also said that Romney was a terrible candidate in the 2012 US Election Cycle.
Newt Gingrich, even after the 2012 United States Elections, is still in the media. He weighed in on the loss of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney who was the Republican challenger to Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama. After the elections, many people were pointing fingers on why Romney ended up losing to Obama. Before Romney ended up as the eventual nominee, Gingrich was one of the candidates in the Republican primaries. He even gained a good amount of momentum in the GOP races. Gingrich had things to say about Romney and the Republican Party in general.
First, when it came to Romney, Gingrich said that he was a “bad candidate.” Gingrich dissected just about everything that was wrong with Romney's campaign. He talked about how Obama's campaign were preying that Romney would get chosen as the GOP nominee. Gingrich said that Romney skitted around too much and did engaged neither with his constituents nor the media. But, that wasn't all; Gingrich talked about how problems cause if people don't grow as candidates. There was the implication that Romney didn't even know what his own policies were.
In respect to the general election, Gingrich said that either he or Texas Governor Rick Perry would have stood a better chance against Obama. But, Gingrich didn't say he would win against Obama. He made note about Obama's campaign quickly capitalizing in any weaknesses in the Romney campaign.
Not all the blame was directed towards Romney. Gingrich blamed the Republican Party for nurturing a culture that allowed Romney to be the nominee.
This argument parallels the arguments in regards to Sandy Hook Elementary School where 20-year-old Adam Lanza perpetrated a mass shooting in which most of the victims were just children. Recently, NRA vice-president Wayne LaPierre said that video games and movies were to blame for fostering a culture that caused the Sandy Hook shootings to happen.
When addressing the GOP in general, Gingrich thinks the party needs an overhaul; if not, the Republican Party will not survive. To Gingrich, the GOP needs a very big overhaul. In a letter sent to members of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Gingrich warned that the Republicans need to seriously and carefully think over where they stand on various issues and also do their homework on the Democrats.
He said if the Republicans don't do that, then the Clinton-Obama majority could be like the Roosevelt majority. Gingrich offered up ideas to help the GOP go through an overhaul. One idea would be to no longer be a battle between red versus blue. Red would mean Republicans and blue would mean Democrats.
Gingrich also pointed to the infamous 47% comment made by Romney at a fundraiser. The comment was secretly taped. That became part of one of Obama's attack ads against Romney. In respects to the 47% comment, Gingrich said that it's not good psychology as it writes off large parts of a country or a state.
In a blog on US News, none of the GOP candidates would've stood a chance against Obama; not even Gingrich as he said that either he or Perry would've have fared better. This is due to information in regards to fundraising before the primary campaign started. According to US News, not a single GOP candidate were able to draw decisive levels of support. It also pointed out that donors chose not to give to other GOP candidates when their preferred candidates exited the primary race.
If a group of donors were giving to the campaign of former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and he dropped out, then they would choose not to donate to anybody else. Meaning, the remaining candidates ended up losing out on extra campaign funds. With respects to major elections, funding is the life blood of campaigns. It is the oil that keeps the parts of the campaign engine running. Without the money, it makes it hard for the campaign to keep going.
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