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article imageTed Nugent on Sandy Hook: 'Political correct society' to blame

By Can Tran     Dec 22, 2012 in Entertainment
Ted Nugent, the rocker & politically conservative pundit, spoke about Sandy Hook. He blamed the shooting on a "spiritually bankrupt" society.
Rocker and conservative pundit Ted Nugent has weighed in on the Sandy Hook shooting that took place on December 14 at Newtown, Connecticut. Ever since Sandy Hook, with most of the casualties being children between the ages of 5 to 10 years of age, there has been much public outcry about what happened. Blame is being directed in all directions. So far, most of the public outcry has been directed towards the gun lobby and groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA). However, blame solely didn't go to them. Video games and Hollywood movies were getting blame. Earlier today, at an NRA press conference, the group's vice-president Wayne LaPierre blamed violent video games and movies.
Ted Nugent, speaking out about Sandy Hook, blamed society in general. Nugent said that society which he called “spiritually bankrupt” and “politically correct” is the cause for what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In this respect, Nugent is saying that the “moral decay of society” led Adam Lanza to commit the mass shooting. He blamed that, he didn't blame relaxed gun laws, media violence, or poor mental health programs. Nugent blamed the “decay of society.” In regards to gun control legislation, Nugent called it insanity and noted that there are over 100 million lawful gun owners.
He's calling forth the return of “traditional family values” as a means to deal with future tragedies. However, there is bad news for Nugent from the Discovery Channel. This doesn't come from Nugent's remarks about Newtown. For those that don't know, Nugent had a show on the Discovery Channel called “Ted Nugent's Gun Country.”
Discovery Channel is canceling both Ted Nugent's Gun Country and “American Guns.” The network didn't give its reasons; however, it is believed that the cancellation of both shows is due to the public outrage. In this respect, gun-related reality TV shows are also feeling the outrage of an angry public at what happened.
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