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Video: 'Demand a Plan' gun control PSA

By Can Tran     Dec 21, 2012 in Politics
The group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns has launched a public service announcement (PSA) calling forth upon Americans to urge Congress to act on the issue of gun control.
Today, the National Rifle Association held a press conference in regards to what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14. Wayne LaPierre, the CEO and vice-president of the NRA, called forth for armed guards at schools across the United States. Also on the same day, a public service announcement (PSA) from “Demand A Plan” was launched. It was a PSA on gun control and had celebrities speaking out in favor of gun legislation. The PSA was very short; but, it got on point: urging the lawmakers in Congress to put forth a plan to address the gun control issues.
One Nation  Under Guns from  The Nation.
One Nation, Under Guns from "The Nation."
In the brief video, you had entertainers such as Will Ferrell, Jeremy Renner, Jessica Alba, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sarah Silverman, and so forth speaking out against guns. The video starts out with celebrities speaking on the Columbine, Fort Hood, Aurora, Tucson, Oak Creek, Virginia Tech, and Newtown. Several celebrities repeated the name “Newtown.” It rhetorically asks how many more places such as places of faith, malls, movie theaters, and so forth have to get shot up. They all answer “enough” to demand action on the gun control issue.
So far, the video is short; but, it gets straight to the point. This PSA is part of the campaign by Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). MAIG is co-founded by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.
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