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article imageVideo: 'Ni no Kuni' behind-the-scenes with Studio Ghibli

By Can Tran     Dec 21, 2012 in Entertainment
A recent video has been released in regards to the upcoming Playstation 3 game "Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch" where viewers are taken behind-the-scenes in regards to Studio Ghibli's animation.
A recent video has been made available for viewing in regards for the upcoming role-playing game called “Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.” This is part two of the developer diary series in regards to the North American release of the game. The first part took viewers behind-the-scenes at Level-5 studios which is one of the two companies developing the game. In this video, viewers and anticipated buyers of the game are taken behind-the-scenes from the perspective of Studio Ghibli which is the other company that's part of the game's development. Since Studio Ghibli is a Japanese anime studio, one can assume that this company is working on the animations for the game.
According to Akihiro Hino, the CEO of Level-5, Studio Ghibli has a heartwarming touch to the titles that are products. Hino said that Studio Ghibli had things he wanted to put into the game. So far, this is seemingly the first video game in which Studio Ghibli has been working on. So far, the animations and the feeling of the story seem to excellently sync with each other. Playing the game when it comes out is like watching one of the many titles from Studio Ghibli; but, it has all the role-playing game interactions that are not present in the studio's other movie titles.
The people at both Studio Ghibli and Level-5 talk about the hard work that has been put forth to put forth the Studio Ghibli-style animations into the game and combine it with the in-game animation.
Also, the developers talk about the battle system of the game. You can befriend creatures called “Familiars” and call upon them to help you in battle. This is similar to playing games such as “Pokemon,” “Final Fantasy,” “Shin Megami Tensei,” and so forth. If you enjoy role-playing games and the works of Studio Ghibli, along with owning a Playstation 3, perhaps you may want to pick up a copy of this game.
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the Witch is scheduled to come out in January of 2013.
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