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Did Lanza's fear of being committed lead to Sandy Hook shooting?

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 20, 2012 in Crime
The Huffington Post is reporting that a law enforcement official says they are investigating claims that Adam Lanza's anger over his mother's plan to commit him to a psychiatric facility may have triggered rage that led to the mass shooting.
Fox News reported that Joshua Flashman, 25, a former marine, who grew up in the area where the shooting took place, and who is the son of a pastor of a church where many of the victims' families worship, said: "From what I've been told, Adam was aware of her petitioning the court for conservatorship and (her) plans to have him committed. Adam was apparently very upset about this. He thought she just wanted to send him away. From what I understand, he was really, really angry. I think this could have been it, what set him off."
However, the NY Daily News reports that Richard Flashman, pastor at Beacon Hill Evangelical Free Church in nearby Monroe, and father of Joshua Flashman, has put out a statement after his son spoke to Fox News.
According to Journal News, Richard Flashman, said: “ I've just spoken to Josh. As the Fox News article indicates, the information Josh spoke to them about was hearsay and not confirmed. I suggest you do not run with the story. I am perplexed why Fox would run with it in the first place."
The Huffington Post comments that it is difficult to confirm the report because court records pertaining to such cases are sealed. It is therefore unclear whether Adam's mother, Nancy Lanza, was really filing any relevant paperwork. The Huffington Post, however, notes that the process of getting the legal rights to commit an adult to a psychiatric institution against his will is more intricate than for a minor.
The Huffington Post also reports that an unnamed friend of the Lanzas claims Adam was withdrawing from his mother and from reality in the days prior to the shooting. According to the unnamed source, Nancy took Adam to a psychiatrist, but had no plans to commit him to a facility.
The Huffington Post notes that the police have not confirmed the reports.
Digital Journal also reports that Nancy Lanza had planned to move.
According to Digital Journal, she had told her friend Mark Tambascio, shortly before her death, that she was planning to move to Washington state to enroll Adam at a college for special-needs students.
Tambascio, owner of My Place, a local restaurant and pub, said: “She told me she was moving. She had been thinking about it for one year at least. She was always trying to find ways to help his condition. She did everything in her power to help him. She was always concerned. She wanted him to have a regular life. She wanted to make sure he could be on his own.”
However, Tambascio said that Nancy did not reveal much to him about Adam. He said: “She was very private about it. She was such a strong woman, but I think it saddened her. She didn't want to burden anyone. When she came here she wanted a refuge. She would come in and have a drink or two. She wanted to get things off her mind.”
The Huffington Post also reports that the earlier story that Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook may have come from stories that she volunteered with kindergartners at the school for several years. Flashman said that Adam "believed she cared more for the children than she did for him.". Flashman also told Fox News that Nancy was good friends with the school's principal and psychologist.
But NY Daily News reports Richard Flashman said that he wasn't the source of the information. However, Journal News reports that state troopers arrived at the church to take a statement.
The police have said that the Lanzas had “no connection” to the Sandy Hook school, and a school official Lillian Bittman, reportedly said: “No one has heard of her. Teachers don’t know her.”
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