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article imageOp-Ed: GOP puts Chicken Little out of job — News we didn’t see in 2012

By Paul Wallis     Dec 19, 2012 in World
Sydney - Mainstream media is to democracy what sexual diseases are to public health- Selectively ignorant excuses for morality, however ridiculous and misleading. MSM is a medium which wouldn’t understand a message if it got pregnant with one.
GOP puts Chicken Little out of job- Endless fears and prophecies of civil war from The Party That Never Grew Up were reported, but not placed in context with the supposed role of the GOP as an alternative administration. Young fowl-about-town Little is currently undergoing therapy and considering moving into US politics as part of the therapy, where she believes her message will get adequate coverage. Little also expressed disappointment that the policies of someone called Abraham Lincoln didn't meet her personal agenda.
European politicians grow brain- The economic disasters of 2012 weren’t linked to lousy political management, just “economic forces”. Giving Greece a Third World loan deal was probably illegal in several ways, but let’s not hold a continent full of freeloaders in any way accountable.
Australian politicians grow genitalia- Price rises and grovelling to any pack of underperforming nobodies can now be considered a tradition in Australia. Retailers, foreign airlines, car manufacturers, electricity suppliers, if you want a handout, just come to Oz. There’s absolutely no risk of anyone growing the balls or other equipment required to say no.
FOX becomes day care centre for grumpy Republicans- This was reported, rather sheepishly. The defeated Republicans booed CNN when the election result was announced then demanded to see FOX, as though that was going to change the result. A collection of hairstyles and suits was most upset. Nappy wash franchises still available.
Africa exists! I got a call from Oxfam yesterday, asking for urgent help with their work in the long-unreported areas of Africa like Darfur and other mass murder zones. Apparently Oxfam have people on the ground there, unlike MSM. I haven’t seen anything resembling information about Darfur for years on MSM and I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know there was an aid effort going on there. I said I’d try to do something for them, so here’s a microscopic attempt at a contribution- Contact your local Oxfam and donate if you can.
Oxfam International
Oxfam Australia
Make Poverty History achieves another bumper year of non-results! I may be a liberal, but I’m more than slightly tired of major issues turning into buzzwords that achieve absolutely nothing. Either you’re serious about this or not, which is it? MSM, of course, doesn’t consider poverty newsworthy. It tends to take space needed for celebrities, soap operas and other essential services.
Fully qualified pompous academic bastards recognize the insanity of super-high tertiary education fees! These guys are supposed to be the last word in qualifications. They’re managing their own sector like a badly run brothel. They’re not meeting the needs of the economy, the public, business or anyone else. MSM has turned into an apologia factory on this subject.
Job market recognizes out of date job designs, lousy productivity and ridiculous wage scales for CEOs and other overpaid office furniture- This relates to the sudden spontaneous revelation that it’s currently 2012, not 1412. This remarkably under-reported bit of news has been current for about a decade, so expect it to hit the headlines any time in the next few centuries. If you can figure out how to take advantage of this healthy new mindset, you may even be eligible for a US minimum wage job with the psychotic employer of someone else’s choice!
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