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Op-Ed: Three easy ways to improve your SEO

By Emma Burge     Dec 19, 2012 in Business
In this economic climate with the fiscal cliff being discussed on the news every day, many small business owners are feeling the pressure. Most people know about SEO, but some just need a little extra help with it to keep their online business afloat.
Without proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), any business no matter how excellent of an idea, product, or service will have less customers and visitors as the page would be very hard to discover among the vast amount of websites that will come up in a search. Recently while thinking this over and searching for an easy remedy to this SEO problem that businesses face, many companies specializing in SEO popped up on the screen.
One company called has been consistently awarded as one of the best SEO agencies on the web, serving all clients of countries all over the world. Of course it may be partially due to the fact that they were one of the first. Page Traffic started in India only four years after Google began and while this was in 2002, SEO was still in the developmental stages. CEO and founder Navneet Kaushal said of creating a company specializing in SEO when it was just in its beginning, “Some of our clients whom we signed way back in 2002 are still with us. With non availability of SEO professionals or good resources online, it was challenging to train our team. Some of the training modules and quality guidelines I developed in 2002 still hold good. For the last couple of years my role mainly has been training and managing full time SEO Consultant division of our company, besides at times helping our SEO teams strategize new SEO campaigns. As I personally believe that a good beginning is half the job done.” For the longest time Page Traffic had no competition as they were the first out the gate with these kind of services. Over the past few years however, numerous other SEO companies have emerged.
If you want a more personal feel and live in America, then a local agency such as Soni Consultants may work better for you rather than a global agency like Page Traffic. Soni Consultants Inc. is a smaller SEO business that operates out of one location in New York. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have worked for companies and products such as Kia, Xbox 360, and Goldman Sachs.
Of course the easiest and cheapest way to use Search Engine Optimization on a website is to just buy a book and learn how to do it yourself. Go out to the local bookstore or go to, purchase a book like “Search Engine Optimization for Dummies” and read up on it. It takes a little bit more time, but saves an obscene amount of money.
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