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article imageReview: 'You've Been Scammed' — and it was your own fault Special

By Alexander Baron     Dec 19, 2012 in Entertainment
We can all be conned, duped, scammed, sometimes we fool ourselves. This current BBC series shows us some of the tricks to avoid.
This link is to the first series; the programme is now in its second series, and this episode, number 7, is currently on iplayer, but won't be for much longer.
There is a saying that you can't cheat an honest man - heck, there's even a poem about it - the reality though is that there are scams designed to take advantage of people's honesty or even of their kindness. Presenter Matt Allwright does his best to show the first victim we meet here in that light, but the truth is that he was motivated less by kindness than by greed, and paid a heavy price.
What sort of man would allow himself to be duped out of thousands of pounds in the street by two men he had just met? Apart from a mug, an elderly person. The victim here was also Indian and was duped by two other Indians. What was that about racism, comrade? The bottom line is that this was an old but sophisticated scam, and one that would almost certainly not work in that particular variant with someone who did not share (or appear to share) the same cultural norms. Nor would it work on a younger person. This guy didn't get any of his money back.
It is doubtful if the second victim did either, although he did have the satisfaction of seeing the con men who took his money and ran sent down, one for seven years. This victim was what one might call a sophisticated investor, he was dealing in wine, and had done so before, only the last time, when he made a profit, the wine actually existed.
There's a bloke in California who has a cellar full of the stuff and even wrote a concept album about it. Our second victim would be better advised to sit back and listen to Al Stewart; the track Turning It Into Water springs to mind.
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