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article image'Habitable' planet discovered circling Tau Ceti star

By Owen Weldon     Dec 19, 2012 in Science
Scientists have discovered a new 'habitable' world. Scientists say that the world is just one of five thought to be circling a star that is located 12 light years away.
According to Guardian, scientists say that the planet has conditions that could support life. The planet circles around Tau Ceti, which is a star that is almost identical to the sun.
Astronomers estimate the Tau Ceti planets to be two to six times bigger than Earth, with one of the planets having five times the mass of the Earth.
According to Global Post, the planet that is thought to be 'habitable' lies in the solar system's habitable zone, which is also called the "Goldilocks zone."
According to BBC, researchers did not discover the planet with a telescope. Instead, they discovered it by measuring the subtle effects that it had on its host star's light.
The technique that was used to find the planet is known as the velocity method.
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