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article imageVideo: 'Dead Space 3' 2 Ways to Play trailer

By Can Tran     Dec 19, 2012 in Entertainment
One of the latest trailers for the upcoming game "Dead Space 3" shows the single-player and two player co-op modes. In the co-op, you are joined by a second player who takes on the role of newcomer John Carver.
One of the latest video trailers for the upcoming game “Dead Space 3” has been released for viewing courtesy of IGN Entertainment. Dead Space 3 is the third main installment of the popular science-fiction survival horror series simply known as “Dead Space.” The takes off where Dead Space 2 left off. The main character, Isaac Clarke, crash lands on a frozen planet called Tau Volantis. The horrors of the previous two games remain as the planet is key to the storyline. On Tau Volantis, Clarke has to find the key to eradicate the Necromorphs (the main antagonists). This time, Clarke is not alone as he is assisted by a soldier named John Carver.
In this short trailer, it highlights the two different ways to play: single-player or two-player co-op. If you choose the single-player mode, you play as Clarke. If you choose the two-player co-op mode, you play as Clarke while another person plays as Carver or vice-versa. From the looks of this video and past videos, the developers gear more towards the encouragement of online two-player co-op as both characters are important to the game.
With respects to the previous games, you would be seeing hallucinations when progressing through the games. As a result, the horror element in the game is not only physical but psychological as well. These hallucinations play a crucial role in the game play and the story. In a PC Gamer article, the game play will be less cerebral in the co-op. The sanity dynamic will be different between both Clarke and Carver. Depending on who you play as in co-op mode, the hallucinations will be different. Also, they may be more or less frequent.
It is said that the hallucinations will be greater if you're playing as Carver which seem to be understandable with him being a newcomer. Also, the article further says that he has dark thoughts with provide fuel for the Marker structures with is a recurring story element in the previous Dead Space games and animated film.
In the case of Clarke, who went through all this in the previous two games, is used to them and won't be affected as much. However, the surprise seems to be ruined by the explanation; but, it may encourage players to choose Carver during co-op mode at the same time. This is one of the game play dynamics offered in co-op mode.
Shack News reports that Visceral Games, which developed Dead Space 3, was aiming to have achievements and bonuses for things such as the use of profanity. In an interview with PWNED, Visceral Games' executive producer talked about the use of Kinect as part of the game play such as voice commands. If the profanity bonuses were in place, you'd get awarded by using all sorts of profane words.
Dead Space 3 comes out on February 5, 2013 for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. It seems highly likely that it will be rated Mature. If you pre-order the game, you get exclusive armors and weapons.
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