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article imageVideo: 'Tomb Raider' 2013 reboot, skill upgrade demonstration

By Can Tran     Dec 19, 2012 in Entertainment
Noah Hughes, the creative director for the 2013 reboot of "Tomb Raider," spoke with IGN Entertainment and gave a developer demonstration of the game's skill and gear upgrade system.
IGN Entertainment, a few days ago, released an exclusive developer demo for the upcoming game called “Tomb Raider.” This is the latest installment and the reboot of the series. Noah Hughes, the creative director for Tomb Raider, spoke with IGN Entertainment in regards to upgrading Lara Croft's skills in the game. Lara is the titular protagonist of the series and has become one of the biggest iconic video game characters let alone heroines. Hughes talked about the different features of the “base camp” system in regards to skills upgrade. In order to progress through the game let alone through the storyline, you will have to upgrade Lara's skills in various fields.
You will have various sets of individual skills that can be upgraded. Such skill sets are: animal instincts, survivalist, advanced salvaging, bone collector, arrow retrieval, steady shot, ammo capacity, pain tolerance, dirty tricks, and so forth. However, you can't unlock all the skills at once. You need to achieve a level of skills in order to access and purchase more skills.
In this respect, this version of Tomb Raider still retains is sense of action, adventure, and puzzle solving; at the same time, it has a role-playing element of skill purchasing, skill upgrading, and weapons modification similar to recent games such as “Resident Evil 6.” Such a skill system is present in games such as the “Dead Space” and “Mass Effect” series.
Hughes gave a description of some of the skills in this demonstration video. In terms of survivalist, Lara will have to hunt animals for food. Also, with certain skills, Lara is able to achieve other valuable items. The hunting for food is similar to the game play dynamic of “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater” where Naked Snake/Big Boss had to hunt for food because there weren't any rations available. Bone collector, which is part of the survival skills set, plays a role in hunting as you get “salvage” from the bodies of the dead animals.
It is established that “salvage” is the currency system in the game. This would be crucial to upgrading your weapons and gear.
For the most part, while this is an action-adventure game, this has elements of traditional survival horror games. It is explained that ammo is going to be scarce in the game which points out to a valuable skill in the game: arrow retrieval.
In short, there's more to this game than shooting up your enemies. After Hughes talks about the skill sets, he demonstrates the newly purchased skills in action by taking on some of the enemies. Then, he talks about gear skills.
Also, he talks about an important feature known as “fast travel” which lets you visit base camps previously visits. This is similar to being able to go back to previous levels which can be helpful in getting stronger to progress through the game. It allows you to play the game at the pace you feel most comfortable with.
This reboot of Tomb Raider will be available sometime in March of 2013.
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