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article imageNewtown Tragedy, the blame & finger-pointing that follows after

By Can Tran     Dec 17, 2012 in World
While the NRA is receiving a lot of blame from those angered at what happened in Newtown, there is finger-pointing in all directions as other people have their say on who or what is to blame.
The massacre that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, has been made the 2nd deadliest shooting in the United States. So far, due to the circumstances in which most of the victims were children ranging from 5 to 10 years of age, it has inevitably brought back the debate for gun legislature. The NRA and other pro-gun rights advocates are finding themselves on the stinging end of public anger, outcry, and so forth. In this respect, the NRA and other gun-rights groups are getting blamed for this. However, there is finger-pointing in all directions and coming from all sides for the most part. They have their own reasons for pointing the fingers.
Eliot Spitzer, the former Democratic Governor of New York, wrote in a recent blog on Slate. Spitzer called forth to go after the owners of gun manufacturing companies. He specifically named the company Cerberus Capital. Spitzer explains that Cerberus Capital purchased several top gun making companies and put them together to form Freedom Group. While the company is safe from public pressure, it's not safe from its investors. Spitzer further talks about the investors of Freedom Group indirectly own Bushmaster which made one of the reasons that the shooter, identified as Adam Lanza, used in the shootings.
He's calling forth to put pressure the company's investors. One could interpret this as Spitzer placing blame on the gun manufacturing companies as for what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary.
Former GOP Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas and current Fox News contributor gave his take on Sandy Hook. Originally when speaking on Friday, the day of the incident, Huckabee placed blame on the school system for “systematically removing God.” Today, Huckabee went into the specifics and said that an increased religious presence couldn't have directly prevented the shootings from happening.
Today, when speaking on “Fox News,” Huckabee said an atmosphere was created where people call upon God only after when a tragedy strikes. In this respect, Huckabee's blaming a lack of God in schools for what happened.
Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx, when promoting the film “Django Unchained,” talked about violence in the entertainment industry. In this respect, Foxx is saying that those working in the entertainment industry need to take some responsibility for such violence. While Django Unchained is said to be violent, director Quentin Tarantino defended the film. He said that he was tired of defending his films because of acts of shocking gun violence. Tarantino said that the blame should be placed on the perpetrators of those crimes.
Actress Kerry Washington said that the violence of the film is to educate on the atrocities of slavery let alone of the African-Americans.
To an extent, the Tea Party Movement has weighed and pointed its fingers. However, it's mainly the Tea Party Nation which is an ultra-conservative arm of the Tea Party Movement. Timothy Birdnow, a member of the Tea Party Nation, made a blog post on the group's website.
Birdnow blamed the “expulsion of God” from the collective sight. He also placed blame on teachers unions, sex in the media, and so forth. When addressing gun control, Birdnow said that Lanza could've done the same thing by using homemade firearms, poison gas, explosives, and so forth. In terms of education, Birdnow called forth for parents to home school their kids instead of putting them in classrooms. Birdnow's placing blame on sex in the media and the teachers unions.
An entry on the Tea Party website is calling for the people to “embrace guns and our God.
Should gun control be a debate issue come the 2014 US Elections, this could be something that could cause more Republicans to turn away from the Tea Party Movement. One has to look back at the US Senate races in Missouri and Indiana when the Tea Party-leaning GOP candidates gave their views on rape and abortion.
Also, video games are being scapegoated as for what happened with Sandy Hook Elementary. Jack Thompson, an anti-video game crusader and disbarred attorney, used the tragedy at Sandy Hook to continue his crusade against the video game industry. As usual, Thompson openly blamed the video game industry for what happened. He sent a message to the Connecticut-based Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) which is available for hearing.
Thompson not only attacked the ECA, he also attacked the online publication called Kotaku. He said that the people of Kotaku have blood on their hands for what happened at the elementary school. To further blame the video game industry and community, Thompson said that they facilitated an entire generation of young men such as Lanza. Thompson called Lanza a sociopath as well.
Antwand Pearman, who heads the small group called GamerFitNation, called upon online gamers to not play shooter games for 24 hours. This “ceasefire” is to take effect on December 21. According to Pearman, this is to show the world that gamers care.
David Axelrod, a former adviser and campaign manager to US President Barack Obama, attacked ads for violent video games. This was in regards to the ads that were being played during NFL games. While Axelrod didn't attack the video game industry, he attacked the fact that ads for those games were being aired at this time.
The video game industry and community are rejecting the finger pointing. The Vermont-based LGBT-leaning website called “LezGetReal: A Gay Girl's View on The World” rejected the notion that video games are to blame for the Sandy Hook Shooting. Bridgette P. LaVictoire, the owner of the website, explains that video games helps do away with the aggressive and violent tendencies. Bridgette talks about how she's a gamer and have been playing games for most of her life since owning an original Atari system.
She talks about cyberaddiction; but, says that it doesn't mean video games will cause people to commit violent crimes let alone someone like Lanza shooting up an elementary school. In short, violent video games don't necessarily cause people to go out and commit violent crimes let alone crimes of murder.
An article on the Houston Chronicle echoes what LaVictoire is saying. Willie Jefferson, who writes the article, gives this question: if video games are to blame, they why didn't people shoot up public places when games such as “Doom,” “Wolfenstein 3D,” and other first-person shooter games had come out? He also gives the rhetorical question of blaming video games for what happened at the Branch Dividian compound in Waco, Texas.
The Houston Chronicle article makes valid points of not placing blame on the industry or the community for gun violence let alone what happened in Newtown, Connecticut. After playing games, such as the violent games, you're still you: a teacher, a doctor, a chef, a dancer, a writer, or even a member of DJ. Just because you're good at a game like “Street Fighter” or “Tekken” doesn't necessarily mean you are a skilled martial artist in real life. In Jefferson's article, just because you're good at shooter games doesn't mean you're going to be good at guns in real life.
Also, the article points out the country's interest in firearms. For that reason, it's easier said than done to introduce new gun control legislation to Congress. When on NBC's “Meet the Press,” Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein said that Democrats would introduce a gun control bill on the first day of the new US Congress. Jefferson also posted a video of himself on YouTube addressing the blame of video games.
Technology-based news sites are quick to report on pundits and politicians blaming video games for what happened. In short, video games and gun-rights groups are convenient scapegoats in such tragic shootings. An article on Washington Monthly's Political Animal section makes a reference to Michael Moore's film “Bowling for Columbine.” In the film, it's pointed out that the same violent video games are played in other countries in the world; but, gun violence occurs less frequently.
If you are a gamer, there's an article on the website called Uproxx. The article gives four steps you can take to prevent game-blaming.
In regards to the blame directed towards violent films, Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson said that they shouldn't be blamed. When speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Jackson said it's neither about movies/video games nor gun control legislation. He talks about his upbringing in the South where guns are commonplace. He said that the main thing is to keep mentally unstable people from ever being able to grab hold of guns.
Huffington Post talked with Scott Bonn in respects to Sandy Hook. Bonn works as an assistant professor of sociology at Drew University. He's also a serial killer expert. According to Bonn, finding out Lanza's motivations are far more complex than pointing fingers. He explains that there's always the compulsive need to point fingers. Thus, you have the prime example of pointing fingers at the NRA for its pro-gun stance and the entertainment industry for violent films & TV shows.
According to James Dobson, the founder of both the Family Research Council & Focus on the Family, the Sandy Hook massacre happened for the country's support of same-sex marriage rights. Like Huckabee and Birdnow, Dobson blamed the “rejection of God” by the school system.
Victoria Jackson, a former “Saturday Night Live” performer and now conservative blogger, blamed the Sandy Hook shootings on abortions.
Conservative pundit and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, on the day of the incident, said that both liberals and the mainstream media would blame Republicans and conservatives. In this respect, Limbaugh implies that fingers would be pointed towards them. In an article on the news side called Right Side News, liberals are to blame and not the guns.
On the website called Chicago Now, a person writes an article giving blame to Lanza's parents, Nancy and Peter. Nancy Lanza was one of the victims killed. She was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Also, the guns in Lanza's possessions legally belonged to Nancy as reported by the authorities. The author blamed Nancy for having all those guns despite knowing Adam had psychiatric issues. The author blamed Peter for shirking the fatherly responsibilities.
You have many different people and groups blaming the Sandy Hook shootings on many different things. By all means, take your pick of all the people and things being pointed at for what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary.
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