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PepsiCo 'quietly' alters Diet Pepsi sweetener, plans new campaign

By Leigh Goessl     Dec 17, 2012 in Food
PepsiCo is "quietly" changing the formula in its Diet Pepsi product. The company has been slowly rolling out the new Diet Pepsi for weeks now and will continue to do so for the near future. The company plans to launch a new ad campaign next month.
If you drink Diet Pepsi, you might want to check the label. Since earlier this month, PepsiCo has been stocking shelves with a new sweetener blend in its diet cola flavor, according to several media reports.
According to the Consumerist, PepsiCo is now using a mix of two artificial sweeteners instead of using only the previous ingredient, aspartame. Reportedly, aspartame breaks down too easily and does not hold up well in heat. As a solution, the soft drink manufacturer reportedly decided to add acesulfame potassium to the mix of ingredients; the company said it was a "very small amount" to "ensure consistency with every sip".
Media reports indicate that acesulfame postassium does not have "as good" of a taste as aspartame, which is likely why PepsiCo is going with a blend rather than an outright switch of sweetener.
The Associated Press reported the company is looking to "reinvigorate its namesake brands" after losing out in the market to competitor Coca-Cola Co.
The company is planning a major Diet Pepsi rebrand that will kick off in January and the altered sweetener appears to be the first step towards the company's strategic change.
PepsiCo spokeswoman Andrea Canabal told AP that the rebranding will launch in January and feature a new logo and slogan, "Love Every Sip".
The "Love Every Sip" trademark was filed by PepsiCo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Friday, November 09, 2012.
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