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article imageViva-Lite, long live healthy lighting

By Emma Burge     Dec 17, 2012 in Health
With the phasing out of traditional incandescent light bulbs all over the world, many people are looking into what the more eco-friendly alternative will be like. One of these options may not only be better for your wallet, but for your health as well.
Viva-Lite is a company that specializes in offering full spectrum light and natural daylight sources for individuals and companies around the world. Toby Ruckert founded his first company Light Office in 1999 after reading the book Light – Medicine of the Future by Dr. Jacob Lieberman. According to his parent’s, Ruckert’s first word ever spoken was “light”, thus cementing his fascination with the scientific study of it for the rest of his life. Light Office began its business by producing Full Spectrum Light Solutions, a term coined by Dr. John Ott meaning “light sources emitting a full spectrum of natural light, which included both ultraviolet and visible light, and promoting the same health benefits of sunlight in humans, animals and plants.” Basically it is an artificial light that mimics that of the sun. Eventually Light Office became Viva-Lite International after expanding from a German to a Global market.
There have been many studies to show that companies such as Viva-Lite manufacture light sources that can actually improve your health. The study of the health benefits of Full Spectrum Light started in the US Navy in the 1950s when they were looking to find a way to go against diseases found in submarines caused by the lack of natural light. NASA then created a Full Spectrum Light for Navy submarines and set in motion the study of this lighting solution for years to come. It not only has the ability to combat diseases on submarines, but is also used in greenhouses to mimic sunlight and can improve depth perception and productivity. A study by Heschong Mahone Group tested 20,000 students in Colorado, California, and Massachusetts, and found that those students exposed to natural light in the classroom scored 26% higher on their standardized tests than those only with exposure to artificial light.
Full Spectrum Lighting can also help businesses. Have you ever been to the Apple Store amidst the millions of employees surrounding you and noticed how crisp and clean everything looked with the cool, slightly blue hued lighting? Well if you have then you have seen an example of Full Spectrum Lighting, or at least something very close to it. This type of lighting has cooler or bluer hues than incandescent lights which give off a warmer or more red/orange hue. The lighting also provides employees with a healthier environment and presents the products the way they would look normally in the daylight rather than just how they look in normal incandescent store lighting. There are many benefits when it comes to the cost of these lighting solutions as well. The quality of the lighting solutions is much higher and therefore they do not need to be repaired as much. It also increases employee concentration and productivity, thus increasing sales and revenue for the company. Viva-Lite is one of the major companies when it comes to Full Spectrum Lighting as it has distribution partners and manufacturers all over the world. They are still looking to expand even more and are leading the way when it comes to new lighting alternatives.
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