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article imageNRA takes down Facebook page, stops tweets after Sandy Hook

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 17, 2012 in World
The NRA has taken down its Facebook page after it came under attack following the Sandy Hook shooting. The group deactivated its Facebook account soon after it posted a self-congratulatory message that it had received 1.7 million Facebook "Likes."
According to the NY Daily News, it remains unclear why the leading pro-gun group in the US has deactivated its Facebook page and stopped tweeting. The group proudly claims a membership of 4.3 million.
NY Daily News also reports that the group has canceled a “Tweet & Greet” event with the country musician Colt Ford, scheduled for Friday, without giving any reasons.
According to the Daily Mail, so far, the NRA has not issued any response to the recent Sandy Hook School massacre. The group has not issued any statement expressing sympathy with the family of the victims nor has it issued any press release commenting on the issue of the "right to bear arms."
The Daily Mail reports that on the day of the shooting, the organization's website announced that their show "Friends of NRA," was organizing a "Golden Moose" award. The message was published at 9:12 a.m., moments before Lanza broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School and massacred helpless children.
According to the Examiner, on Dec. 13, 2012, the day before the Sandy Hook shooting, the NRA tweeted: "Did you hear? Our #facebook page reached 1.7 million 'likes' today! Thanks for being a friend!"
But by Saturday, the organization's Facebook page had disappeared, while the Twitter account remained up, but silent.
The sudden disappearance of the NRA's Facebook page was first noticed on Friday, the NY Daily News reports.
According to the Examiner, many have attempted to get the NRA to comment on the tragic incident, but the organization has remained silent:
@MissBaileyWoof - @NRAwaitingwaitingwaitingwaitingwaitingwaitingwaiting.Still no expression of sympathy?
@BradleyBananas - Say something p***y @NRA
@zaibatsu: National Rifle Association @NRA Hides Facebook Page To Avoid Hosting Flame Wars
MSN Now reports that @JayandSteve, said "Hey @NRA why aren't you speaking?" and @MissBaileyWoof said: "@NRAwaitingwaitingwaitingwaitingwaitingwaitingwaiting."
NRA has also declined to talk to the media.
The NRA's Twitter account (see below) shows that the last tweet "10 Days of NRA Giveaways,” was posted Friday morning, at the about the time the deadly shooting began in Newtown.
NRA  Twitter
NRA, Twitter
The NRA web site has also not spoken about the incident.
The NY Daily News reports that meanwhile, the New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has been vocal in his call for gun control legislation. He told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the NRA and its lobbying arm are “vastly overrated” having been unable to stop Obama’s re-election.
Bloomberg said: “If Congress wasn't so afraid of the NRA — and I can show you that they have no reason to be — but if they were to stand up and do what was right for the American public, we’d all be a lot better off."
Gun range nearest Newtown still active
The Daily Mail reports that gun owners are still active at Shooters in New Milford, Connecticut, the nearest shooting range to Newtown.
According to The Guardian, on Sunday, the range was open and users queued up outside, waiting their turn at the stations where they shoot at targets.
A customer at the range, Mike D'Amico, who was with his teenage son on Sunday, said: "We enjoy it, it's our personal enjoyment," The Guardian reports.
D'Amico, commenting on Obama's reference to a need for "meaningful action" on gun control, said: "I've thought this for quite a while. I think we do need more gun control. I don't see the need people to carry some of these big guns. They're not appropriate."
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