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article imageSen. Diane Feinstein throws down the gauntlet on gun control

By Can Tran     Dec 16, 2012 in Politics
Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein of California, when talking on Sunday, said that Democrats will introduce new gun control legislation on the first day of the new US Congress.

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Gun control in the United States is inevitably back on the debate table in regards to the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. Today on various political news talk shows on different networks, you have pro-gun and gun-control advocates having their say and giving their debates. In the case of NBC's “Meet The Press,” only one guest took the “middle stance” and slammed both sides. Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut had spoken on CNN and ABC News. When speaking with Candy Crowley on CNN's “State of the Union,” Malloy talked about assault weapons and that you don't go hunting with those things. He talked more about the Newtown Tragedy when being interviewed on ABC's “This Week.”
According to the poll conducted by YouGov and the Huffington Post, fifty percent of Americans felt that gun laws should be more strict than they are at the moment. Furthermore, the poll shows that fifty-one percent favor banning semi-automatic weapons. The polls show that after the incident at Newtown, support for stricter gun laws is gradually increasing.
Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein of California, as one of the guests on NBC's Meet the Press, threw down the gauntlet. In terms of gun control, Feinstein said that the Democrats will introduce new gun control legislation. So far, Feinstein gave the an exact date on when the Democrats will introduce it. It will be the same day when the new United States Congress convenes. She further went into the perspectives of the bill such as to ban assault weapons such as the sales, the importation, the transfer, and possession. This also goes further into ammo capacity in which the bill will ban ammo drums, big clips, or anything that holds more than ten rounds.
Feinstein said that this will will get “weapons of war” off the street. This shows that Feinstein is willing to lead the movement for tighter gun control laws.
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is a former Republican turned Independent, was also part of the guest panel of today's segment of Meet the Press. He repeated his calls towards US President Barack Obama to make gun control the top of his list. That could be a possibility as there is news of Republicans relenting on the “fiscal cliff battle.” Bloomberg is repeating his call on Obama to address of gun control.
When Obama gave his press conference about the shooting, he talked about “meaningful action.” Bloomberg, in response, said that it wasn't enough. He said that action had to also be immediate. It shows that Bloomberg is one of the people leading the front lines in the push for stricter gun control laws.
New York Times columnist David Brooks, also part of the guest panel attacked Bloomberg. This was about Bloomberg allegedly making the “urban vs. rural” argument. Brooks felt that it was an attack on the rural lifestyle and said that Bloomberg shouldn't lead the movement. He called forth more people from the red states and rural areas to be part of the talk.
Independent Senator Joe Lieberman, a former Democrat, spoke on “Fox News Sunday.” Other guests on the show were Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois and GOP Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas. When on Fox News, Lieberman called forth a national commission to examine the Sandy Hook Massacre. Leiberman's notion was supported by Durbin who is the Democratic Whip of the United States Senate.
Furthermore, Lieberman also talked about video games in making young men violent.
Former GOP Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania, one of the guests on Meet The Press, blamed video games for what happened. However, Brooks quickly went on the attack against Ridge.
Due to a misreport on the shooter, who is confirmed to be Adam Lanza, media outlets said “Ryan Lanza.” Ryan is the older brother of Adam. People angry about the shooting when to Ryan's Facebook page and saw that he “liked” the “Mass Effect” series.
Digital Journal reports on the anger that got directed towards the Mass Effect series due to the misreport in the shooter's name. However, fans of the series came to the game's defense.
Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of NY spoke on CBS' “Face The Nation.” He made note that liberals and other gun-control advocates have to remember and admit that “there is a Second Amendment.” The gun-control debates places the 2nd Amendment in the spotlight where it is one of the ten original amendments of the US Constitution. Under the 2nd Amendment, citizens have the right to bear arms.
Schumer, when speaking, that a new paradigm is needed and that representatives on both sides need to come to the middle. He talked about gun control; but, he talked about the need to also protect the rights of the 2nd Amendment. Also, Schumer said the same things that Feinstein said such as limiting the size of rounds per clip, etc.
However, not all the guests were about the gun-control. GOP Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas, a Tea Party Republican, favored more guns. Gohmert, also a guest on Fox News Sunday, wished that the late-principal of Sandy Hook Dawn Hochsprung had an M-4 on her when the shooter entered the school grounds. This brings up the talk of arming faculty and administration.
But, those words may hurt Gohmert in the future as it provides more ammo to attack the Tea Party on social issues. He also talked about the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, which happened a few months earlier. Gohmert said that the outcome could have changed if somebody else there was armed. In terms of what Feinstein and Schumer were talking about, Gohmert said that restricting those things would go too far.
Come future elections, that could provide ammo for any future challenger. One has to look at the recent elections that took place on November 6. Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, who identify themselves with the Tea Party Movement, took a dive in the polls when they made their respective comments on “legitimate rape, where the female body has ways to shut down the pregnancy” and “a rape baby is still God's gift.” Both men lost their respective US Senate races in Missouri and Indiana.
With what Gohmert said, that could provide more to hammer the Tea Party Movement on further social issues.
Bill Bennett, the then-Secretary of Education under then-Republican President Ronald Reagan, expressed his favor towards arming certain employees. This is similar to what Gohmert is saying; but, Bennett said certain employees. Also, Bennett said that these employees need to be trained and responsible to handle firearms. Bennett was also a guest on the panel of today's edition of Meet the Press.
Bennett's words were met with opposition from Randi Weingarten. Weingarten, also a panel guest, is the president of the American Federation of Teachers. In her opposition, Weingarten said that schools have to be safe sanctuaries. But, she said that the view of guns making people safer have to stop.
So far, Gohmert is seemingly the only pro-gun politician to come onto a show. According to Meet The Press, as reported by Huffington Post, invitations were given to pro-gun politicians and representatives of the National Rifle Association (NRA). There weren't any responses.
Mark Vanderberg, founder of Gun Radio Network, spoke with Metro in regards to gun control. Vanderberg said that gun-control hurts the law-abiding citizens. As a result, those that commit the shootings know that nobody will be able to stop them. Vanderberg addressed Adam Lanza saying that he already had an agenda planned out. Also, he said that there was nothing that could have been done to stop the Sandy Hook Massacre. He explained that even with tighter gun-control laws, there's too many guns in the United States.
While Feinstein's throwing down the gauntlet, there's already pro-rights advocates making their fair share of strong cases against tighter gun-control laws.
Perhaps Vanderberg is right on that the number of guns in circulation in the United States. However, the number of guns could be curbed with renewed interests in gun buyback programs. According to the Huffington Post, interest and participation in such programs have increased in the last few days. However, there is the debate on the effectiveness of gun buyback programs.
UPDATE: After what happened in Newtown, CT, a gun buyback program in Baltimore, Maryland called "Goods for Guns" has collected almost 500 guns in the area.
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