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article imageOp-Ed: The Newtown school massacre and new gun control laws

By Nancy Houser     Dec 17, 2012 in Politics
The Newtown school massacre followed 15 years of gun violence, doing very little to reform gun control laws in order to save the lives of 20 innocent school children and 8 adults. Does lack of adequate gun laws make the entire nation guilty?
Things may quickly change, as the massacre of young children has hit the United States as much as 9/11 did, with a nation clamoring for reformed gun laws. As written in a DJ article, "with Sandy Hook, gun control talks are inevitable ... The National Rifle Association (NRA), in regards to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, finds itself as the villain of growing public opinion in favor towards gun control." But intelligent reasoning realizes the difference between assault weapons and hunting/protection guns. There is a world of difference, yet the NRA lumps them together to gain support while fanatically waving "Second Amendment Rights! Second Amendment Rights!" Yes, NRA supporters are promoting the idea that an enforced gun ban is taking away our Second Amendment, but how many have actually read it and understood it?
The Daily Edge tweeted via Twitter for iPhone: "Crazy idea: Instead of making 100s of laws to protect unborn children, maybe GOP politicians could work on 1 or 2 to protect actual children." Crazy? Obviously. The riddled bodies of 20 innocent children lying in their school show proof the United States gun laws are inadequate for protecting innocent children and people. Public citizens and gang members with assault weapons use them for killing, while those without them die.
New York Times reports that what made this massacre worse was that each child was shot multiple times, some as many as 11 times, with a semiautomatic rifle loaded with ammunition designed for maximum damage. Violent killings of our most innocent will transform gun control as never seen before, with over 87,000 Americans already visiting the White House Petition Site and calling on Obama  to “produce legislation that limits access to guns," according to Addicting Info.
M-4 Bushmaster rifle  the same as used in the Newtown  Connecticut school massacre.
M-4 Bushmaster rifle, the same as used in the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre.
The Outdoor Trader
NOTE: Daily Kos reports that an Indiana man was arrested on Sunday, December 16, 2012, with 47 guns after threatening to shoot up an elementary school near his home --- two days after the Newtown massacre. Schools across the nation are preparing for possible rifle assaults and looking at how their children are being protected, when out in the streets they could just as well be murdered on the way home by the same weapon on the street that are controlled by criminals and the mentally insane.
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